60 Days of Better: Daily Inspiration

When 60 Days of Better began we had planned to have your inspirational stories here and there in our line up. However, we’ve gotten so many stories from those of you who’s lives have been changed that we’ve decided to make them an almost daily¬†occurrence! This email is from Jon.

Greetings Newton Runners!

This is a sensitive subject for me, but I feel like I am not alone when it comes to being overweight.

My name is Jon and my Newton’s saved my life. August 2011 I stepped on the scale: 278 lbs. Enough is enough. I was miserable, unhappy, lacked self confidence and had no direction.

Following a 5 day juice fast, I began running. I started with 30 second intervals followed by 2 minutes of walking. After a few weeks I was able to run a lap, sometimes two laps. 5-10 minutes of continuous running was an amazing accomplishment for me. I couldn’t run for more than 10 seconds when I first started which is why I began slow and allowed my body to build the strength and endurance.

I bought the Isaac Newton shoes in January 2012. Newtons saved me because I had to carry a lot of weight when I ran and because of that, my knees and joints would hurt. After watching many tutorial videos and running with my Isaac’s, eating tons of fruits and vegetables, and having confidence in myself I was able to lose 77 lbs in a years time. I also ran a half marathon in May with a time of 2:14:00. Not bad for a man who couldn’t run one lap 10 months prior :)

I’m currently on my second pair of Newtons and training for another half marathon. Newton Running has saved me from all sorts of diseases that I would have obtained if I didn’t start running. They also saved my muscles and joints years of running because of the technology put into them. Thank you to the Newton Running community for the support. You have a Newton runner here for life.

Jon T.