A Newton Quiver

Another nice testimonial from the Newton Running inbox…colorado-jesse-kirsten


After getting a pair of Distance S’s about a year ago I was thrilled how good my hips and calves felt during my first run in them, plus my gait looked the way it should without putting any effort into it. A couple months later I decided I needed a pair of Motions for my longer runs. They worked really well, too. I then ran a 50k ultra in the Distance S and ran my fastest time in years. Finally I got a pair of the AW’s last Saturday and ran a 52k race in them just two days later. I absolutely loved it. No rubbing in the toe area, like I get with most other shoes. Newtons are just shaped perfectly for my feet. And my feet stayed totally dry on the snowy path. During the race two other people started talking to me about their Newtons and how much they loved them, too.
I really hope there will be a trail model with good grip some day soon.

Have a great day!
Kirsten M.