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Dear Danny,

I've been a runner since July 2, 1979. This past summer, with my 67th birthday looming on the horizon, I began increasing my mileage, with the objective of making my 1,200 mile annual goal (which I haven't achieved in more years than I care to talk about). When I began picking up my weekly mileage my knee pain increased in direct proportion to the increase in distance. I found some relief in various inserts but it was always temporary and I was constantly looking for some new and better inserts.

In the midst of one of those searches I stumbled upon I knew after only a couple of minutes of reading and watching that it was what I had been looking for. I checked for dealers, found none in Alabama, but one in Clarksville, TN where my wife and I would be working in the coming week. A call to the store let me know they were out of my size but had my wife's so I ordered mine off your site and two days later, at the store in Clarksville, we purchased a pair for my wife Christina, and another for our business and running partner Adrienne Wall.

I completed my first run in Newtons the night of September 24th and I've not run in anything else since. I've thrown out all my inserts along with my Asics, but, most important, my knee pain is gone and both my distance and speed are up. I look forward to every run like a kid anticipating cake and ice cream and for a 67 year old with 30+ year of running behind me, that is saying a lot.

The truth is there aren't words to convey what I feel. A line from a 60's pop song states my dilemma, "How do you thank someone who has taken you from crayons to perfume?" Thanks to the shoe you designed and built, I've now logged over 1,200 miles for the year and I should easily exceed 1,500; next year I'll go over 2,000, something I've not done in over 20 years.

"Thanks" isn't nearly enough to say to you but it's the best I can come up with. If I can ever assist you in promoting Newton Running, don't hesistate to let me know how.

Your to count on,

Bert Carson

Huntsville, Alabama

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  • Doug Dorrer

    Dear Danny,

    I have been consistantly training since early last year. I have participated in several mini triathalons and 5k events. My normal shoe is an Adidas Supernova and I average 15-20kms per week. I bought myself a pair of Newton Guidance last week. On my first run- about 3 km- I could feel the lugs across my midsole. My toes felt a little funny after a while, almost tingling. After my run, I also noticed that my calfs were tight and more fatigued then normal. The next morning my calfs were very tight.

    So the natural question this normal or is my techique off?

  • Sir Isaac

    Hi Doug-

    Yes, that's a normal reaction to your first run in Newtons. It takes a little while to adjust to a more natural forefoot/midfoot running technique. If you aren't a midfoot runner or you're not sure of your running style, we suggest you get acquainted with the shoes by doing short runs of 1 to 3 miles until you have logged about 40 miles, or when you feel you are running comfortably at your longest training run. You may want to alternate runs with your old running shoes to maintain your mileage without overstressing your body.



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