Disabled Navy Rescue Swimmer Kevin McNease Returns To Sports

Kevin McNease (2)

We recently received this letter from a retired navy officer thanking Newton Running and the TriSoldier Project for his successful return to running and triathlons.

I received word yesterday that you are going to sponsor the athletes from the TriSoldier Project and I wanted to share my thanks and Newton Running story with you.

I am a 50-percent disabled, retired Navy helicopter-rescue swimmer. Years of cumulative trauma from the rigors of the job resulted in surgeries to my shoulder and hip, which left me athletically sidelined for over five years. But through good physical therapy and persistence, I have resumed running, swimming and biking.

I feel very fortunate this year to have discovered Newton Running! It is amazing what I have been able to do in your shoes. Every race I entered, I have PR’d! From the Bloomsday 12K in Spokane (over 7 minutes off my best!) to the Coeur d’Alene Ironman (where I took 50 minutes off my marathon time!), these shoes have been nothing but phenomenal. They were also instrumental in my training for the XTERRA Trail Run World Championships in Hawaii in December, where I finish ninth in my age group, and among the top-third of the field. Next year I plan on an age-group podium spot, and your shoes will get me there!

I train in the Newton Gravitas shoe and race in the Distancia shoe.  I have found it amazing how many miles I have been able to put on this most excellent trainer! I plan to use them this year in all of my races, including the USA Triathlon Northwest Region Sprint and Olympic-distance qualifiers in my hometown of Coeur d’Alene, ID. See you at the Nationals!

Thanks for your support of the TriSoldier Project. Its Executive Director, Jeff Trout, and his people have been great to us and are truly enabling disabled veterans of all abilities “get back in the game.”  I have nothing but the highest praise for their organization. Between your shoes and their support, we feel truly blessed.


AW1 Kevin K. McNease (Ret.)