Ditched the G/F, my Newton’s were my Valentine!

i_love_newton_heart_custom_personalized_tshirt-p235423821808214971t50h_210Ripped from the Runner’s World forums here.

“Can someone please help confirm or deny that I have serious issues with running shoes? I went on my first long(er) run in my Newton’s. Previously I had not taken them more than about 4 miles. Well, early V-Day morning I went out for about 6 miles in them and just fell in love all over again. I was swooning¬†with every perfect footstrike…¬†Later that night, while at dinner with my g/f, all I could think about was my Newton’s… sitting at home… alone. They had been so good to me that morning, and I abandoned them for my g/f, then I started to feel guilty. Not about day-dreaming about running shoes while on a date with the g/f, but guilty about leaving my shoes home alone on V-Day. The worst part is I didn’t even bring them any leftovers from dinner. Am I a criminal?”