Kevin’s Fat to Fit at 50

We’re going to be following our friend Kevin Jones for a while. Kevin’s amazing transformation began after attending a Newton Natural Running Form Clinic, Kevin’s quest to retake control of his life began.

This is Kevin’s story (so far).

My story goes like this; my running days started back in 1974 as a freshman at Massapequa High School in New York which then migrated on to my undergraduate days at Santa Rosa Junior College and California Poly Tech State University of San Luis Obispo in California and was finally followed by several years of post collegiate racing.  The competitive running days ended in 1990 after entering Chiropractic College from where I dabbled in a few low key 5K’s during the early 90’s.  By 1995 I had given up running altogether after moving to Oklahoma.  Since then my weight and I have had some serious battles.  Over the past 15 years, I had let my weight approach around the 250 pound range three previous times and each time I finally fought back with a Body for Life style program losing roughly 70 – 80 pounds.  During this period I had intermittently gotten into weight lifting, indoor cardio and outdoor cycling but nothing ever held my attention for long and I allowed life to dictate my activities and not the other way around.  Thus, each success was short lived and the weight had eventually found its way back as if it had never left in the first place.

In June of this past year, I stepped up the scale and weighed in at a whopping 268 pounds reaching a not so proud all time high.  Taking action again was long past due.  So I got busy and developed a plan.  This time it was going to be different from all the others, and I was going to go back to what I loved most of all and decided to make running work for me here in Oklahoma.  Becoming inspired again my new campaign “Fat to Fit at 50” sprung to life.  The long term goals were shedding 100 pounds, regaining my health, being an active dad for my two sons, getting back to near college day racing weight and molding myself into a competitive Masters 50 plus runner.

After attending a Newton Natural Running Coaches Certification late in June of 2011 at the Red Coyote Running and Fitness Store here in Oklahoma City I began my quest to regain my health as promised.  During “Phase I” I Lost 70 pounds in 90 days and maintained that weight lost throughout the remainder of last year.  Now just at or about 200 pounds I am about to embark on “Phase II” of “Fat to Fit at 50” with the goal of cutting those remaining 35 – 40 pounds and reaching that 100 pound total weight loss objective within the next two to three months.  That is somewhere I haven’t been or seen in about 20 years.  Excited!  From August 1st through the end of the year 2011 I have run 849 miles, rode 378 miles on the stationary bike, walked 240 miles and rowed 67 miles on the Concept 2 rower.

This whole journey started in a pair of Newton Sir Isaac’s and Distancia lightweight trainers.  I literally beat them to death (LOL) during the weight loss journey, especially the Distancia trainers.  Now I have been training in either the Motus or Distancia S trainers and love them… The wear pattern has improved immensely with the dropping weight and improved running mechanics.  Additionally I am planning on putting the Terra Momentus all terrain trainers to the test in my preparation for running this July’s 2012 Devil’s Backbone, a 50 mile trail race in the mountains around Bozeman Montana being run mostly at or above tree live at an average of 9,500 to 10,000 feet.

2012 will be a year of “Positive Change” as I continue to carve and chisel away at my goals for living a healthier and happier life…   Starting weight for Phase II is officially 204 pounds…  Not bad…  Only a 6 pound gain over the last several months!  That magic number of 168 is not too far off in the distance as I am beginning to see it ever so clearer everyday now…