Morton's Neuroma Sufferer Finds Relief

mcdc7_mortons_neuromaWe at Newton Running try to not to toot our own horn too often, but we do like to share success stories from Newton customers. In this case, M.D. of Vancouver, British Columbia, found relief from Morton's Neuroma with Newton Running shoes. Here's her story:

"Yesterday while shopping for a new pair of running shoes for my husband, a very cute shoe caught my eye, the Newton Terra Momentus. I asked to try them on and fell in love at first wearing. I have been struggling with Morton's Neuroma in my right foot for over a year and had reached the point of accepting that I would just have to get used to the pain.

As soon as I tried in the shoe, I realized that the point of contact was at the mid foot, thereby avoiding the metatarsal and the neuroma. I got excited. I took a quick jog outside and got more excited and bought the shoes

I couldn't wait to get to the gym this morning to give them a real test drive. Sure enough, I could do all the high impact moves that I wasn't able to do before. The only thing that held me back was my own fitness level rather than the neuroma!"


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  • Jenny Walters

    I too have a neuroma. Newton running shoes are the only shoes I can wear and run in that don't irritate my neuroma. I run about 30 miles a week and feel little to no pain while wearing my Newtons. I also wear my Newtons for everyday use, as all other shoes irritate my feet. I just want to thank Newton Running for making such wonderful shoes. Currently, I own the Momentus trail shoe, the Gravity distance shoe, and the Lady Issac trainer. By far, my favorite pair are the trail shoe. I am now on my 3rd pair.

  • Tom

    Hi Newton's,

    I'm in desperate need of a new shoe that will help me resolve a diagnosed neuroma in both feet. Prior to the diagnosis I was running 50-60 miles a week in Nike Lunarglide 3's, even ran my first half marathon in them, but the pain has become so unbearable that my mileage has dropped to 2-3 a week. I tried switching to a shoe with a wider toe box (brooks), but haven't found much relief so far.

    I know every shoe is different and it's just a matter of trying them out to see how it works, but do you hear from a lot of people saying these shoes have helped reverse their neuromas? Every day of running that I miss is painful and am considering your shoes, but am leery of trying something new (particularly the cost of your shoes)...only to aggravate the problem or see no change at all.

    I'm desperately trying to find relief so I can get back out on the road! Thanks for your help!



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