Newton Lifer

me-on-grays-peakConsider this email nothing more than unsolicited and unabashed support of your product. First, some background: I moved from the Midwest to Denver during the summer of 2008. Upon my arrival in Denver I was simultaneously surprised at people’s activity level and inwardly disgusted by my sedentary lifestyle. I decided to start jogging again (as I was an avid recreational runner in college, but had long since stopped) in order to get back in some semblance of shape. Over the next 8 or so months I battled fatigue (in the early stages primarily due to the altitude change) and the dreaded “shin splints” as a result of having improper footwear and a gait that just beat my lower body to death (I am a heel striking, over-pronating mess). I was on the verge of giving up and relegating myself to biking, or something “lower-impact,” (Not a palatable option being a man who takes great pride in my athleticism and not accustomed to injury) when my best friend and old college roommate, himself a running enthusiast who lives in the Denver area, suggested I look into getting fit for a pair of Newton running shoes. He swore to me they were the best shoes he had ever had on and are most certainly worth the price. I finally convinced my wife to take a trip to Boulder with me (She agreed no doubt solely to find a good shoe that would “silence my whining and grumbling after a long run”). We were treated wonderfully by the staff at Active Imprints and even though they were thick into a store move, took the time to answer all of my questions and help me get fit for the shoes.

Still skeptical, I went out for a run the next morning and my oh my, I never realized shoes and a proper stride could make such a fantastic difference during and after the run. After battling the initial soreness from changing my stride, which was mostly located in my calves, I decided to go out and try my usual 5.5-mile loop after work. Not only did the shoes ride better than any other pair of shoes I have ever had, I shaved a full 3 minutes off my normal time. Additionally, the post-run joint pain I experience previously (knees and hips) was replaced by a dull muscle soreness that will subside after about 2-3 more short runs once my legs become fully accustomed to a new type of stride. I can only attribute this to the fact that my legs were no where near as labored as normal due to the fact that my stride has become much more efficient thanks to a bit of coaching from the staff at Active Imprints and my Newton shoes.

I am not accustomed to sending an email to a manufacturer singing the praises of their product, but in this case I felt compelled to do so. First off, I will never, ever own a pair of non-Newton running shoes. Secondly, all of my friends who run will hear about your shoes and hopefully convert from whatever sub-par product they are using now to a truly great shoe (this includes a co-worker, one cubicle over who swears she will be purchasing a pair in 4-6 months when her current shoes wear out).

Keep up the good work,

Brian L., extraordinarily satisfied consumer, Newton customer for life