Newton Real Person Reviews

Here at Newton Running, we love hearing from our fans. Co-founder Danny Abshire recently received this email from a supporter in Venezuela:


Hello Danny!

You might not remember me since you talked to so many people during the NYC Marathon Expo. I’m the guy who helped you with the Spanish speaking clients. My Name is Luis Bavaresco. I am from Venezuela and I wanted to thank you for treating me so nice. I’m attaching my picture with you!

I first heard about Newton shoes early this year when I talked to a runner friend who bought them during a trip to Orlando, FL. I usually just don’t take the word of some friend so I went to your website, started reading the information and watching the videos and immediately liked the logic behind your theory. I’m a mechanical engineer and it just made sense to me…efficiency! So I decided to try them and the result of this “experiment” plus our training program resulted in PB for the half marathon (2009 Lima, Peru Half Marathon 1:50:36) and Marathon (2009 NYC Marathon 3:59:25). For me that means improving PB by 10 minutes on the Half and 32 minutes on the Full. I might not be an elite athlete but for me this kind of improvement is tremendous and very satisfying and I owe part of this to your theory and your product (for me the Motus). I definitely like people who think out of the box.

I ran NYC marathon wearing our national flag and Newton shoes and I had the best time.

Thanks a lot again and I hope we can stay in touch.


Luis Bavaresco R.


Congratulations Luis!