Newton Real Person Reviews

Not everyone believes what they read in magazines or on major media websites…especially when it comes to product reviews. So, here at The Running Front we’re going to republish some Newton shoe reviews that we find around the blogosphere-reviews written by real people without bias from sponsors or advertisers.

Here are two cool first impression reviews.

An excerpt from Robert at Psyrixx Blog:

“I don’t know if it was just my high expectations or if the shoes actually accomplished what they were designed to do but I ran my entire forty minute set without any hint of pain.  It was, as in Oceanside when I first tested the shoes, very obvious where my foot needed to be landing and the fact that the heel of the shoe isn’t super thick like most cross-trainers meant that I wasn’t over compensating to make sure I landed on the front half of my foot and in so doing straining my peronius brevis.  I was able to keep a nice fast cadence with light foot-fall, landing properly on my midfoot keeping my feet underneath my hips and I was surprised at how quickly the forty minutes flew by.  I guess without any leg pain running doesn’t seem so tedious.  :)Read more here.

And another review from amateur runner Andrea Hill.

“The shoes are built up on the midfoot so I do feel naturally propelled forward, even just standing still. When running, it feels awkward to let your heel touch down, so it wasn’t something I had to necessarily concentrate on: I naturally gravitated to running on my midfoot. I had met someone in Boston who had Newtons, and she warned me they were rough on the calves. I can see how this is, they’re much more engaged. This will definitely take some getting used to. I did notice that hills were much easier to approach, as I was already landing appropriately on my feet.” Read more here.