Newton Running: A Love Story

We stumbled upon this fun story of a budding (?) relationship from blogger Lola Runs, who is chronicling her adventures in the world of online dating on her blog. LolaRuns's second date with 'BoyGenius' turns into a discussion of natural running form and Newton Running shoes. Will true love ensue?

LolaRuns goes on a second date with BoyGenius

One day after LolaRuns first date with BoyGenius, BoyGenius text LolaRuns to request a second date. A second date would be lovely LolaRuns responded.

Throughout the week, leading up to the date schedule for Friday, November 13, BoyGenius and LolaRuns text about BoyGenius's running program and Newton running shoes. Please recall that LolaRuns hasn't been running because of a pounding ache in her lower back when she attempts to run. When LolaRuns shared this information with BoyGenius during the first date, he immediately peppered her with questions and concluded that it was her running form that was producing the back problems.

Him: "What is your running style? How do you land? Are you a heel striker?"

Me: "I tend to lean back and strike with my heel."

Him: "It's your running form. You need Newton running shoes. They have a patented technology with exposed grooves that encourages mid to forefront running. Let's walk over to the Potomac Running store and I will show the shoes to you. You have to strike with your midfoot or forefoot if you want to run healthily."

This is where cute BoyGenius even demonstrated the proper running form while walking on Market Street. LolaRuns was a bit smitten at that point.

The texts during the week followed the same vein with questions about LolaRuns workout - the stairclimber for an hour for the past two months - and the new Newton training shoes that would be available in the next month. BoyGenius also encouraged LolaRuns to check out the Newton web site and watch all the videos - which LolaRuns promptly and attentively reviewed. LolaRuns was sold on the Newtons - and quite possibly on BoyGenius.

Read the rest of LolaRuns's post here. I don't know about you, but I'm sure rooting for BoyGenius!

3 thoughts on “Newton Running: A Love Story”

  • BoyGenius

    So strange to read about this on one of my favorite web sites. The good news is that I'm still rocking the Newtons (and am excited about trying out the new trail runners!). The bad news is that it didn't work out with LolaRuns. She never even let me read her blog and I had to see it on this site first. Too many secrets and not enough running with her Newtons I guess. Oh well. At least I still have my proper running form!

    • Sir Isaac

      Sorry to hear that BoyGenius. Hope we didn't invade your private life too much (Lola's blog showed up in our Google Alerts with several mentions of Newtons). Clearly Lola is missing out on a good opportunity with you. Lots of fish in the sea, right? Thanks for your continued support and keep running strong!

  • BoyGenius

    Thanks for the kind words. Everything is fine now. And no worries about invading our private life. I thought it was totally cool that your alerts picked up the story. Besides, who uses a Blog to keep a "secret" diary anyway? Kinda goes against the concept of a Blog. Oh and on a parting note, thank you so much for finally coming out with something for trail running. Getting a pair soon!


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