Jarrett Wyatt Lost 160 Pounds by Running in Newtons

IMG_3588[1]We received this letter from Jarrett Wyatt, who has lost over 160 pounds over the past few years by running in Newtons:

“The Rock ‘n’ Roll 2010 series is all done. I don’t believe I could have done this and stayed as injury free as I did without my Newtons. When I got home Sunday night, I tossed my Racers in the shower with me and gave them a good scrubbing. That particular pair has carried me through more than ten races, and they were looking a tad soiled. Cleaned up beautifully I must say. Funny thing is that when I got back to work Monday, the company threw me a party and I had a brand new pair of Racers in a gift basket. Between Newton and P.F. Chang’s, I am off to a great start to 2011! Thanks again for the support you have shown me.”