Newtons go Beach2Battleship

Newton Crew,

I heard about Newton running shoes through a good friend back in March. I had previously finished a couple of marathons in another brand of shoes and was open to try something new. I immediately bought a pair of Gravity trainers knowing I was about to start training for my first iron distance triathlon. As I anticipated, I was stoked on the shoes and the brand. My 24 week training program began in May. The Beach2Battleship full iron distance was my ultimate goal. I logged 25-45 miles a week during the entire training period. I said it over and over after my long runs, my track workouts, etc…”my legs feel great compared to running in other shoe brands.”

With November 1st approaching I bought a new pair of gravity’s to have for race day. All the training came down to the 7 am mass start channel swim. The weather was perfect…ended up in the low 70’s with no wind, perfect Carolina blue skies. The race was going as planned; less than 1 hour on the swim, steady 6 hours on the bike and I got off the bike with the marathon on my mind. I ran into transition, put on my Newton’s and headed out. Again I was heading out into the unknown. I had finished a couple 70.3 events and a couple marathons but never the 140.6…I turned around at the half way point saying “this is it…13.1 to go”…just like doing those training runs on tired legs…I came running down the finish chute feeling strong and crossed the line just before sunset with the clock reading 10:48:29…I did it…my first iron distance event! My legs felt nothing like the previous marathons I had run. I felt great! My run split was 3:43:29…basically 6 minutes off my marathon PR! I owe my race success to Newton running shoes and the Newton crew for making such a superior product. The gravity trainer was huge part of my race from week 1 of my training to the finish line. I am sold on Newton running shoes. I can not wait to tackle my next challenge in them…

Since the iron distance triathlon my success with Newton shoes has continued. I ran my 5k PR in the gravity’s this past weekend…18.57…Newton’s Rock!

Thank you,

John ‘MO’
North Carolina