Newtons on the trail, in the snow

I wore a pair of your shoes in the Pikes Peak Ascent (half marathon) on a Saturday and then the Pikes Peak Marathon on Sunday. The half marathon turned out to be a 22 mile race. A lighting storm brought hail and sleet at timber line. For safety reasons the officials stopped the race. Since there is no way off that mountain except the way you go up, we were turned around and had to run the 12 miles back down. The marathon the next day was much less eventful, not counting the hail and snow above timber line again. (Ed. note – Check out this photo and this photo from the race. Yikes!)

Two days, 48+ miles of the toughest trail racing around. The shoes where awesome throughout. I certainly wasn’t the fastest, but few had as much fun as I. Who needs those tractor treaded “trail shoes”? And what’s with the camouflage? Who are they hiding from? I’d put your skids up against any trail shoe in any race.


John Z.
Cypress, TX