Some Newton love to start off the week

Newton Director of Education and Research (and rock star World champ athlete) Ian Adamson got this lovely email from Dave B.

Hi there Ian!

I’ve been meaning to write for a little while now to thank you for doing everything you are doing especially with Newton shoes. I ran the JFK 50 Mile for the 9th time this year and this was the first time I didn’t have any blisters on the soles of my feet at all nor lose at least one of my great toe nails! Same socks. I am very thankful for that! What I think is even more amazing is that I even finished – I did a really not so intelligent thing in that I put in just two training runs since Labor Day: one was about 3.5 miles 4 weeks before race day and an 11 miler the following week, then ran the JFK. I finished in about 13:10 which is actually better than I have done in the last several years! I think a couple things influenced that: 1) there were only about 1/3 of the folks there at the 5 AM start and 2) my feet felt fine the whole race. I have worn XXXX and XXXXXX shoes in the past.

Anyway, thanks again for all you do! Hope you enjoyed a great Thanksgiving weekend and that you have a wonderful Christmas holiday season!

Take-Care, Dave