Testimonial: Logan’s Heroes

We just got this fantastic testimonial from Newton fan, Logan. Every time we get one of these it really makes our day and we’ve got to share it!

I started wearing Newtons back in May 2012. I worked for a speciality running store in Savannah, GA and I have always been curious about the Newton shoes. I have been in avid runner for 15 years, ran in college and after school started running marathons. For those 15 years of running I have been a Mizuno person. If you tired to switch me into another brand I would tell you NO! In November 2011 I ran a marathon and felt fine during the race but the next morning had this terrible left knee pain I have never felt before. I took some time off and thought my knee would get better, boy was I wrong! I battled through this pain for 5 miserable months, trying anything and everything. We started carrying Newton shoe’s in May and after Stephen Pifer had come and spoke to our staff about the shoes I thought might as well try a pair. This was the best decision I have made in my running career! WOW! I started with the Newton Motion and instantly loved the shoe on my first run. It took no time to transition into the shoe. From the first step it felt as if I have been missing out on running for all these years. Every time I would go for a run it was better each time. From 5 months previous I was dreading getting out the door. I started to wear the Distance S which works really well for me. I was letting you know that your shoes are amazing and have put me back into training like my college days. Your reps are very wise when it comes to the shoe! Still no knee pain! Keep doing what you do!

Thanks, Logan