A PSA From a Newton Fan

We got this wonderful PSA from a fan, Amy C. on our Facebook page and thought we’d share it!


In case you’re wondering (and I bet you aren’t, but I’ll keep going anyway), THIS is why I believe in Newton Running shoes:

While training for this Saturday’s 50k trail ultramarathon, I’ve alternated Mizuno Wave Precisions (for road running – and I love them) and Newton Momentum (trail shoes). My Mizunos currently have about 245 miles on them; the Newtons are going on 370 miles.

Last time I trained for a 50k, I alternated the Mizunos with Asics Gel Nimbus, and both had to be replaced long before I finished training. That’s fairly standard – most shoes are meant to carry about 350-400 miles and then be replaced. (And you always know when you need new shoes by the simple fact that your legs start hurting…less cushion = less protection = feeling the impact.)

Right now, my favorite Mizunos are wearing down fast. I feel it on the run, I can see it on the soles.

But my Newtons…ah, my Magic Newtons with nearly 400 miles on them will carry my through Saturday’s race – and I’m betting – well beyond. They feel as good now as they did the first day I ran in them. Even after a 25 mile run, my feet don’t hurt and my legs feel fresh and strong. Which has never happened with any other shoe, even my beloved Mizunos.

Point being: Go get yourself some Newtons. If you’re riding the fence about it because they’re more expensive, or because you’re afraid learning to run in them will cause an injury, get off the fence. They’re worth every penny of the chunk of change you’ll spend on them; they’re worth the time and effort it takes to learn how to run in them; and they’ll last you for(almost)ever.

\ PSA off