Meet The Dogs Of Newton – Week 6 Saddie

saddieLikes: ice, pumpkin, peanut butter, squirrels, digging holes, chewing through the wires to the sprinkler system

Dislikes: soda cans, exercise balls, getting my nails trimmed, thunder, snakes

Favorite Hangouts: the couch, anywhere in the sun

Plays With: soccer ball, frisbee, sprinklers

Summary: I’m a one year old German Shepherd mix and I love people! My owners adopted me from the local humane society and I couldn’t have been more excited. My favorite thing to do is pretend I have an itch right at the very moment my owners tell me to do something I don’t feel like doing. They have recently caught onto my trick, so now I sometimes pretend I don’t hear them until they offer peanut butter. I’ll do anything for peanut butter!