Meet The Dogs Of Newton – Week 8 Lucy

LucyLikes: I LOVE running around in the backyard, chewing on all of the grass, sticks, leaves and flowers that I can find.  My favorite game is fetch with my dad, and I trick him by coming back with my toy or ball, then run away and hide in places where only I can fit because I’m so small.  I also like playing in my pool, especially when the sun is out, and it cools me off.  Since I can’t swim, mom and dad bought me a kiddie pool for the backyard so I can enjoy the water without needing a life jacket.   (But I wish I could go to the lake with the big dogs).  I also enjoy a long nap on the couch at any time, especially on Sundays with my dad after his really long run.

Dislikes:  Cats.  I don’t understand them—they hide, they hiss, and they don’t like to play fetch.  I also don’t like the yellow monster which hides in the closet and comes out to clean the floors.  It’s so noisy, and it is so funny looking!  There is squirrel that comes by while I’m in the backyard, and he just stares at me.  I’m not so sure about him yet.

Favorite places:  Newton, the backyard, doggie day camp and any place where there are people and dogs.

Summary:  I am a 9-month old Frenchie, and I am the runt of the litter, so I’m much smaller than most Frenchies.  I love to be outside walking, running and sitting outside in the sun.  I love to make new friends with people and dogs, and I will always try several attempts to be your friend—just ask Stella.  She didn’t like me at first, but I know she’ll warm-up to me.  I like to be around everyone and watch what’s going on.  Mom calls me the ‘supervisor’ because I’m so curious as to what everyone does.  I really want to become a faster runner and be able to go a little farther than a mile so I can go for a bit with my mom and dad.  My current mile PR is 10:10 with a potty stop.  I’m starting to do more sprints in the yard to help make me faster, which are fun, but they wear me out!