I've only been running for about 16 months.  

Previously I had always disliked running quite a bit, and spent all of my workout time over the last 25 years lifting weights off and on, almost all of that upper body. 

Somebody at work threw out the challenge of a 1/2 marathon in October 2011.  We were to compete against each other in March of 2012. 

I took the challenge to heart, and being a physician, I decided to go into it only after doing some research.  I found Newton running and it was like a "voila" moment.  Heel striking was the main culprit in my dislike of running.  

Anyway, 16 months and 25 lbs later, I have 4 half marathons and 1 full marathon under my belt.  I even qualified for Boston last weekend( 45-49 ).  I'm really excited about that :)


I only run in Newtons.


Dear Newton Running. I purchased my Newton Gravity shoes during your “cutesy” 60-day promotion expecting to return them for a full money refund on the 59th day. I am disappointed that I cannot do that anymore and feel you have rendered me a disservice, or at the very least tricked me in some unimaginable way. These shoes have taken away my excuses for why I can’t run, due to the fact that for the first time in years I am running injury free. I’m running faster, longer, and smarter now, running with a confidence and swagger to my step that I never experienced before. When I slip these Newton shoes on it’s as if they tug me out the door and onto the various running paths along the Santa Barbara coastline. I was simply planning on getting a free pair of shoes for 60 days, and then using the money for the refund to go buy a ps3 or something. Now I don’t have time to play video games because I actually find myself wanting to run instead. Now I live in perpetual fear, wondering what products you guys will come out with next. I just thought you should know. 


"I have struggled with PF (plantar fasciitis) for over 3 years. I have high arches and wear my shoes right down the middle to the outside of my foot, so I don't overpronate. I have literally tried EVERY neutral shoe on the market without success. My trainer and running coach told me about the Newtons, and OMG what a difference they have made! The PF completely went away!!"


"I had no problem adjusting to the Newton shoes. When I started I considered myself a midfoot runner. The shoes are amazingly light and comfortable, especially the racer shoes. Since transitioning to Newton shoes, I've notice improved results in all of my race distances from 5K to marathon to Ironman's. In addition, the shoes have kept me "injury free" (knock on wood) by teaching me to run with optimal form. The levers really do work and helps my legs turnover especially during those late stages of a race."


Just wanted to extend a HUGE "thank-you" for assisting me with getting the right shoe and the right fit.  After a few weeks of going back and forth to determine the best model and size for my feet, I was getting pretty frustrated and concerned for my first marathon.  You were an absolute professional and I appreciate you finding the most efficient way to make things happen (e.g., sending both a 9.5 and 10 size)...and, in record time!

 While I'm still stiff and hobbling around, I'm proud to say I achieved my goal (crossing the finish line) sporting my Newton Lady Issacs!




Hello Newton!
I just wanted to let you know that I just purchased my second pair of ladies Gravity Trainers today and I love the new colors for 2013. I put 350 miles on my last pair and they still have a little life left in them but I am training for my first half-marathon and wanted to break in another pair. Aside from a little bit of blistering when I up my mileage, I have gone from the couch to running 30 + miles per week totally injury free! LOVE MY GRAVITY TRAINERS!!!



I've never given gratitude to a shoe before but this truly is an amazing product. I work 13 hour days and am only able to run maybe 1 day out of the week if I am lucky. Before running with Newtons I couldn't even make it a mile down the trail without having to stop due to heavy pain in my knee and having to hobble back home. Now, I just ran a half marathon, its been 6 years since I've run that far! Thank you, thank you, thank you, gracias, danke, merci! I couldn't be happier with what y'all are shipping out, never ever stop making these shoes.


So...I was a sprinter/jumper in college. When I left, I became a 5k/10k runner but people would make fun of how I ran b/c I had that "sprinter run" - landing on my forefoot and kind of "bouncy".

I made a lot of effort to CHANGE how I ran, landing heel-toe, as that is how many "runners" said I should run. I didn't know any different - I was a SPRINTER!! :)

Well, fast forward, I have had a nagging high hamstring problem that just bites when I run. Even up into the piriformis. I have spent thousands of dollars on P.T., chiropractors, massage therapy, etc! I just began to think it was "age" - which HATE - b/c I refuse to believe in AGE!

I ran the Boston Marathon and realized I began to get some precurser signs of plantar fasciitis. This began to worry me b/c I know how debilitating it is! So...I began to do the research!

A friend of mine had told me about Newton's, but I just thought they were another shoe. Then I started to read "Born to Run"...AHA! I was running RIGHT the first time, but just needed to smooooth out!

Well, I decided to give the Newton's a try - and I have LOVED THEM! I eased into them very slowly so I could build the muscles and tendons/ligaments back to where they needed to be to support the proper running...and voilla!

NO HAMSTRING PROBLEMS, NO ARCH PROBLEMS...NOTHING! The only thing I get is a little sore - a good sore - as my body is adjusting, but that means STRENGTH!

I would recomment Newton's to ANYWONE. I love:

1. The wide toebox - more room for toenails, bunion feet, etc. :)
2. Cool colors - always a plus! You MUST look good!
3. The position it puts you in...TRAINS your feet where to be...so even when you put on "other" shoes, you know how to run in them!
4. COMFORTABLE!!!!!!!!! From the moment you put them on!

Thank you! It's an intimate LOVE AFFAIR with NEWTONs now! :) MWAH! 


On June 25, 2012 I purchased my first pair of Newton Gravity running shoes. They are bright, electric turquoise. I am not a runner. I am a 62 year old female. I absolutely love them. I do have foot problems and arthritis in my hips, knees and ankles. I go to Mount Pleasant Senior Center to workout and keep my arthritis at bay. I am known there as the lady with the cool shoes. They all love them and everybody asks me about them. And I must say that they are indeed the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. They are so lightweight, breathable and my custom orthotics fit in them perfectly. (This has been a problem with other brands) I wake up each morning looking forward to getting on the treadmill wearing my beautiful, comfortable shoes. Incidentally, my husband and I went to Atlanta for market July 15-17. I would guess in the 2 1/2 days we were there probably 25 people stopped me and ask about my shoes. They said "I love your shoes" (and so do I). I told them they were Newtons and everyone seemed very impressed with how lightweight I told them they were. These shoes are ideal for people such as myself, who incidentally, are not runners but are older and need lightweight, supportive and comfortable shoes. Hey even the parking valet liked my shoes. I might be 62 but I'm rocking now with my shoes. Just wanted you all to know your are doing a great job.


Yes, I do now consider you my friends. After all you've successfully managed to completely change how I run, improved the comfort of my running and energized my running to a level that, at 43 years old, I didn't think was possible...I want you to know I cut 12 full minutes off my previous Marathon!! And my recovery time was 2 days!... 


I have the Women's Stability racers and am just loving them. Since I have had these shoes I have taken at least 3 minutes off of my best time in both 5K and 5 mile races. I have also been training, but I do attribute some of my gains to the shoes. Also, everywhere I wear them, I get lots of compliments on how cool they look! I am planning on getting the AW trainer for my next pair of training shoes. Thanks for a great product. 


While I don't normally take the time to write emails or letters about products I purchase or use, my experience with my new Newton Gravity shoes is certainly one to recognize.

This past November it was determined that I had multiple stress fractures along my tibia and was told I wouldn't be running for at least three months; a death sentence for any runner. In February I was finally able to trade my bulky air cast in for a pair of running shoes and started to get back in the running routine. It wasn't long before the familiar sharp pains returned to the fracture sites. I finally decided to check out my local specialized running store, Maine Running Company, to see if they could give tips or advice.

After doing a quick analysis, they found I run on the very forefront of my foot and that I supinate; two of many contributing factors to my fractures. They suggested the Newton Gravity as it would guide me to land on my mid foot. After some initial hesitation, I started asking around. It seemed like the Newton shoe owners would never own a different pair! I finally decided to give them a try. While it took a little time to get used to the lugs, I quickly fell in love.

After improving my form, eventually doubling my mileage, and making a new PR (all of which was done pain free!) I will never run in anything else. I just want to take the time to truly thank your team for giving me a new found love for running and the ability to do it without injury.



I'm VERY happy to see that part of the shoes are made with recycled materials. I send my old running shoes off to be recycled so that to me is important to see!


Well I had only been running in the Newtons for a month or so, but things were feeling so good, I decided to run the Marine Corps Marathon in them. They performed great. I ended up running a 3:08 which I was very happy with (if not for a 2 min Port-a-John break I would have been a bit faster.) Bottom line for me is, in the past 10 years I have struggled with shoes for my feet. My left foot pronates much more than my right and I have probably purchased literally hundreds of running shoes in the past decade trying to get "dialed in". But these Newtons have proved to be nothing short of a miracle for me. I keep waiting for the dream to end because somehow it seems too good to be true. 


...I absolutely love my Newtons and now I'm even more thrilled with Newton Running as a company for the awesome customer service!... I am a Newton runner for good now. I have never been so thrilled with a pair of running shoes before...


"Before I began wearing Newtons, I was diagnosed with  ostieoarthritic knees. My doctor told me that even an operation was pointless, and that I would eventually need a knee replacement.  After switching to Newtons I began noticing that my hiking was becoming much easier. I started working with a personal trainer and can now hike, run and even do kick boxing with minimal pain.  I recently tried to readapt to traditional hiking boots, and noticed that the knee pain was returning.  When I switched once again back to Newton's, all knee pain evaporated.  These shoes are amazing, and will probably extend your running life by many years.  They truly are a revolutionary product."


...Recently, balking at the $175 USD, I chose to replace my worn down Newton Gravity's with a pair of "traditional" shoes, a model which I have worn in past years (and run marathons in). My first 20K run left me with sore hips and knees, and I felt slow like a worn-out dog. Those brand-new ***** will be lawn-cutting shoes now. My "worn-down" Newtons run better than those brand new heel strikers... 


Just a few lines to let you know that I had a wonderful race in San Sebastian marathon (Spain) two weeks ago. I ran in 2:30 in my Newton shoes. I'm from the Basque country in Spain and everybody is asking me what shoes are these. I'm the first guy running in these shoes around here. I've done all my previous long runs wearing them and cushioning is just exceptional. I had No blisters or signs of a marathon after the race. Obviously I'm ready for a new pair for my next event. Congratulations you've got a great weapon for runners.


I finished my first iron distance race in 10:48:28 with a 03:43:29 marathon! Thank you for everything! 


Went for my first run in the Gravity's this morning. Wow!! They change everything (in a great way). Maybe my biomechanics are conducive to a mid-foot striking shoe (not sure if that's the correct terminology?), but these shoes are amazing. I can't wait to log some more mileage. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks. You're definitely leading the way into the future with this shoe.


Just wanted to let you know that my 1st pair of Newtons has over 460 miles on them and they're still holding up well. I just ordered my second pair. I love the durability - I run up to 240+ miles/month and it's great to find a cushioned trainer that holds up and also allows me to maintain my ChiRunning form and midfoot strike. Thanks for a great shoe!


Me and My Newtons, (I think that should be a song title!) made it through the Mardi Gras Marathon Sunday with flying colors, yellow to be exact. I am sold!...


Thank you for your prompt reply to my email. I had the opportunity to try on a pair of the Newton Motion Stability trainers at City Sports in Chestnut Hill, MA today and I was blown away! It does EXACTLY what you purport it to do. I ran around the store and I was stunned by how effortlessly and "naturally midfootly" I ran! My orthotics seemed to function smoothly within the shoe as well. 


...I was eager to try the Newton shoes last Friday night after work... The initial 5k were 5% faster than usual without consciously trying to run faster... The most noticeable result from the Newton Motion shoes, in my opinion, is the reduced fatigue. I was surprised at the end of the 32k run, as I was tempted to continue running, but I decided to stick to my training plan to avoid injury... 


I have just bought my first pair of Newtons and I am already raving about them to my running group... It treats my gait problem and not the symptoms of the problem.


These shoes are incredible. I am a novice runner and I can't believe the difference in comfort and performance these shoes have given me. I am sold. I just ordered a second pair and have sent several running friends your way. Keep making a great product.


I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with your shoes. I have tried many different shoe makers. Your shoe is excellent. Keep up the great work. Injury free and feeling strong. It is truly like running barefoot. 


...Now, 3 months later, my Newton shoes are truly for me. I can easily run 13-18 miles via this running style, I'm injury free, and from 11 minute miles down to 7:30's. Your shoe, your message, and your approach really changed things for me... 


Wow, Wow, Wow.....Just ran my 25th mile in them and feel well broken in. These things are great!! I'm a Clydesdale triathlete (6'7" and 240lbs) and they handle my size just fine, I can run soooo much faster and more efficient in my Distance S Lightweight Trainers. Thanks so much for such a well thought out shoe.


I keep marveling at how good I feel post-race, for someone who hadn't run over 2:15 since last July. I have been on a program over the winter that emphasized strength and bike technique, but honestly, it must be the shoes! Even at the end, I had bounce in my stride, my legs never felt tired, and I felt like I could have done 50K at that pace. Another thing that I feel helped me is the technique tips in 'Brain Training for Runners', by Matt Fitzgerald, which I have no hesitation in recommending to everyone.

When I was going for sub-3 years ago, I used to wear the NB832 series, with mixed results, but at that pace, I used to get really beat up. A marathon at ultra pace is such fun, I may never 'go for it' again, it would be so much more fun to just run further. Honestly, I feel like 'I'm back' so far as doing ultras again, as my back held up fine.  I'm planning to go for a recovery run this morning.


I ran for the first time last night without pain from shin splints. I'm new to running - I've only been running for a little under a year - but I've been hampered by terrible shin splint pain and I've never been able to go more than about 4 miles at a time. I though I'd tried it all - different big-brand shoes, orthotic inserts, fancy running store shoe-fitting concepts, ibuprofin creams, old-fashioned ice - nothing made the shin splints go away. Doing some web research I came across your site and when I saw the little stick man animation it was like a revelation - I was the stick man running the wrong way. I knew I was a heel striker but if it meant being able to run without pain I was willing to modify my style.

Luckily there is a store near me that carries your shoes (Runners High & Tri in Arlington Hts., IL) and after speaking to a customer service rep from Newton who suggested the Stability Trainer I headed over to the store try out the shoes. I ordered a pair that night (my size was out of stock). My first run was last night and although I kept it to a short 3 miles (as I joked to the salesperson at the store, "all my runs are short.") for the first time I felt like I could have gone farther. Usually at the 2-mile mark I'd start having pain that would gradually increase until I would have to quit at 3-4 miles and then have to take several days off before I could run again. Last night I made it three miles with zero pain and I actually had a smile - not a grimace - on my face.

Thanks to your product for the first time I'm looking forward to my next run! I run in a few 5k races but now maybe I can set my sights higher and train for some 8ks and 10-mile races and work on bettering my times in the 5ks. Regards and heartfelt thanks! 


I've been thinking about sending you  an e-mail for about 5 months now but I haven't yet because I wanted to experience the Newton shoes for awhile before making any comments. 
I'm 46 years old and I've been heel striking for about 43 years. I'm a convert to a midfoot strike thanks to your amazing shoes. I'm still learning but there is no going back. Keep your business real and down to earth as you grow in popularity. Don't forget how the Newton revolution started. All the best to you  and I hope one day to visit you in Colorado.


I purchased a pair of Newton Running shoes about 6 months ago and when I was out for a run today, 15 miles, I realized that because of these shoes you have put the FUN back in RUN !! I feel like a Million Bucks wearing these shoes, the quailty and engeneering that you put into these shoes helps me run better and be more comfortable for longer distances....THANKS !!!!!! I will NEVER buy anything other than NEWTON.


Before putting on my first pair of Newtons 7 months ago- I was a large runner- Ran a few marathons, a few half Ironman races, attempted a full in Wisconsin but could not finish due to very bad plantars fasciitis. Each race gave me severe pain throughout my foot and calf. 

Since switching to Newtons- I have been able to fully focus on my training without injury... I recently finished the 2011 Ironman World Championship in Kona this year in my Newtons- (I was a lottery winner).. and will race and complete Ironman AZ in a few weeks.... I have lost over 75 pounds since taking up running- and the final 30 have been tough- Thanks to Newtons- I will be back at my optimal race weight and competing to achieve a QUALIFYING spot in Kona in the upcoming year or two. You have given me a new lease on life (pain free running)- for this I am thankful!!!
A few days ago I ran the Savannah full marathon, my second, in my NR shoes, Sir Isaacs. I do the Galloway method, run walk run.

I must say, your shoes really helped me get the "bounce" I needed. My legs had tons of spring, I felt propelled forward as the technology behind your shoes did their thing. As a 53 year old runner your shoes are tremendously helpful in maintaining form over long distances. Again, thanks for making such a great shoe..yours are the only brand I buy. Period!
I friend of my mine met one of your Regional Sales Managers and was given a pair of Newtons to run in for a month as an evaluation. She raved about how she felt and her various pains vanished. I was skeptical and began trying the forefoot runing in my Nike 2010 Air Max. Well the heels are so large that you ended up running flat footed and my knees hurt for the first mile before I would get use to it. I got the number for the Regional Sales Manager from my friend and spoke to him about my running style, height and weight among other questions he had for me. He suggested I buy the Sir Isaac and the appropriate size which sounded way to big. I trusted that he knew what he was talking about and verfied the info on your website along with a specialty running sport manager. I must say I love the Sir Isaac shoes and all of my pains have been relived and even my milage times have been reduced by 30 seconds. I will be training for a half marathon and can't wait to see the difference these shoes will make in the long run. 
Thank you,


Newton shoes took me from half marathoner to ultra-runner.  I'm forty two years old and had attempted years ago to train for a marathon.  Once the mileage got high I had to abandon training from knee pain.  After that experience, about ten years ago, I herniated two discs in my back.  Although I had been a casual runner for a lot of my life, it became even more painful after the back injury.  After a couple of years off I started running again and worked myself up to the half-marathon, but I was still dealing with pain in my knees and back.  In 2008 I got some Newtons from the Starting Block in Columbia, Missouri and attended a natural running clinic put on by the owner.  That same year I ran my first marathon.  In 2009 I finished Ironman Canada.  In January, 2011 I finished the Goofy Challenge at the Disney Marathon.  In April, 2011 I finished my first ultra-marathon, the 44 mile Brew to Brew run in Kansas City, Missouri.  Finally, last week I finished the Heartland 100, 100 mile trail run in the Flint Hills of Kansas.  I credit all of this to the natural running style and Newtons.  I have not run in any other shoe since I walked out of the Starting Block in early 2008.  The Heartland 100 was completed with alternating pairs of the Terra Momentus trail shoes.  I am truly amazed that I went from a runner that could not even get through the training for a marathon to a 100 mile ultra-marathoner, all in Newton shoes.  Thanks Newton.
I bought my first pair of Newtons in August for USAT Age Group Nationals in Burlington, VT. I bought the Neutral Performance Racer in PINK. Since then, my 5K has improved by 1min46sec and my 10K improved by 3min17sec. These shoes are amazing! I have all my friends wearing them now including my boyfriend! 
Thank you,


No question at all - JUST LOVE MY NEWTON'S!!!! Been running in the them for 3 years - 2 marathons, 2 Ironmans, and many other smallers races. I keep telling people "they don't know what they are missing". THANKS FOR MAKING MY RUNS THAT MUCH MORE FUN. :)


 Author of  Unleash Your Stride: Learn to Run Like A Natural

"My Newton's double as shoes and a training device, because the better I make my stride, the better the shoes feel. Newton shoes encourage runners to make a very efficient and natural stride, which produces better results for the same time and effort spent training."

Jim Satterfield

"I've known Danny Abshire for 17 years... Danny was talking years ago about designing a running shoe... I always knew that he was going to come up with something good but innovative, and the way that he's come up with Newton running shoes is miraculous... He's done a magnificent job with this shoe, and I know there's a lot of other people to thank too, but this shoe is really good."

Greg Welch, Coach

My goal, as a coach, is to maximize performance while minimizing potential for injury. Newton running shoes allow me to do both. Running tends to lend one's body to overuse and injuries more readily than cycling or swimming due to the greater impact associated with it. Newton Running shoes help mitigate this recovery cost allowing athletes to train more with less risk of injury."

"Coaching proper running form, stride length/rate, foot strike, arm carriage, and posture are all crucial to overall efficiency and, therefore performance and injury resistance. Newton Running Shoes are the first running shoes that allow me to convey these concepts more readily simply by how they feel to anyone who puts them on. The dynamic mid-sole technology can teach a runner more about foot strike in one run than I could teach in a week.

Paul Huddle, www.multisports.com

Race Director - Ironman 70.3 California, Ford Ironman Arizona and Ironman St. George.

Roch has been involved with the sport of triathlon for the past twenty years and has been bringing this valuable experience for the past fifteen years into his personal coaching. With a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education, majoring in Coaching, Roch has a wealth of information to share with his personal clients.

A former professional triathlete from Canada who's coaching expertise has becoming world renown among the very best in the sport. Having won the Canadian Long Course National Championships in 1993, Roch turned to full-time coaching the following year.

Roch Frey Triathlon Coach - www.multisports.com

"As a longtime proponent of fore-foot running, for years I have relied on the standard running drills and demonstration in order to develop proper technique. The Newton shoes, however, have changed all that. Minutes into his first run with the Newton shoes, Michael was running as if he had been a forefoot runner his entire life. I have never seen a shoe that so reinforces the natural running action I seek to develop within all my athletes."

Brian McDonald, Michael Simpson's coach

I am pleased to see the progress made on the fastest footwear since bare feet. I test drove my new pair of shoes last week and it's the first time since I retired 10 years ago that I had twinges of the feeling that a real runner still exists inside there somewhere. These shoes are fantastic, once the word gets out I can see every runner wanting a pair. They make you run faster, no doubt!