Newton Running's 30 Day Return/Exchange Policy

Newton Running offers our customers a 30-day, no questions asked return/exchange policy for merchandise purchased at If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of the purchase date, providing reason for the requested return/exchange.

You can reach Newton Running Customer Service, 877.860.7695, or via email,

 I didn’t get my shoes from Now what?

We encourage you to make your purchases through certified Newton retailers only. If you are unsure if you purchased your shoes from a certified retailer, please check our retail finder here:


If your shoes were not purchased directly on the Newton Running website, you’ll need to contact your place of purchase. Please note, retail partners all maintain their own return and exchange policies, as they are businesses independent of Newton Running Company. Purchases made through independent retailers are subject to their return policies and procedures.

 Shoes purchased through a third-party channel (eBay, Amazon, etc.):

Third-party sellers are not certified retailers, and thus, not subject to the same standards of quality control as or other certified retailers. In the event of returns, exchanges and other issues with unsatisfactory product, you must contact the seller. If the seller is unable to help, please send us the warranty claim information and then we can help on a case by case basis. 

 Shoes purchased outside the U.S. and Canada:

Returns, exchanges and warranty claims of item(s) purchased in stores outside of the U.S. and Canada can only be completed in the country from which the product was purchased. Each country maintains the right to their own return/exchange and warranty policy. Please contact your original place of purchase for more information on the return and exchange policy. 


Warranty Claim

Newton Running shoes have an expected lifespan of 350 - 500 miles, plus or minus based on the form and efficiency of the given runner. The Newton Tri Racer is minimal racing flat, with a life expectancy between 150 - 250 miles.

However, if you feel your shoes have not held up as expected, you can make a warranty claim request. 

Before submitting your warranty claim, be sure the product in question aligns with the following criteria

  • The purchase date is within one year of the warranty claim.
  • The purchase was made from a certified retailer

Note: If the product is purchased from an uncertified retailer (i.e., a third-party channel such as Amazon or eBay), it will not be considered for a warranty claim. Please contact the seller for a return, exchange or refund.

The claim process : For qualifying warranty claim products, please click here to submit a claim. 


*Please Note*

We reserve the right to change these policies without notice and to limit sales or returns in situations of overuse or abuse of our exchange policy.

Newton Running is strives to maintain only highest standards of customer service in the industry. We love hearing from our customers and assisting you in ensuring your experience with Newton Running shoes is nothing less than awesome! 

If we can assist with anything further, please contact us directly at 877.860.7695, Monday through Friday 9 am – 5 pm MST.