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Inspiration for the new year

"My goal for 2015 is to get on a solid cross training schedule to help me build strength for racing this year. I am going to pick three goal races for the year from 10k and up and then get after them with a solid training routine that involves hitting the trails and the gym."

"I like variety, and for me, a mix of core, strength and cardio keeps me feeling fresh and energetic! Plus, I feel a lot stronger as a runner when I know I have put in the work to have a strong base and core."

"I am a planner – like with a really tidy, color-coded schedule planner. I have a really hard time going for a workout, unless I have a race that I am working toward. Hey! The couch is calling my name when I get done from work! I like to have my races set in advance so I know what my training schedule will be for the year so I can stick to it. That way I can continue to eat my beloved chips and not feel bad about it!"

"This book is a great source of new workout ideas. It helps me work out muscles I didn’t even know existed! Get ready to be SORE!"

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"I ran my first ever Junior Olympic race when I was 12 years old, and I remember thinking that if I could somehow run for a living that would be my dream job. Now that I am lucky enough to run for Newton, I have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go after my goal of qualifying for the grown-up Olympic Trials!"

"In thirteen years of running, this was always my ultimate goal. One of the reasons I love running is finding new ways to challenge myself, and I can’t think of any better way to push myself to be a better runner than to make it to the Olympic Trials and get to toe the line with the best women in the U.S."

"I just need to keep on top of a solid training program. If I can just be consistent, work hard, listen to my coach, and keep racing lots, I think that will be my recipe for success. Oh yeah, and keep having fun while doing it!"

"We have one of these in our office, and it is a lifesaver for me at work.  This foam roller keeps me on top of my recovery, even if it means looking goofy at work – have you ever interrupted a meeting for a foam rolling session? Sometimes it just happens."

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"I want to focus on improved nutrition. I don’t think that I eat terribly, but there are definitely areas of my diet that I could work to improve like cutting back on sugar and processed foods. I’ll admit, it’s not going to be a piece of cake, mostly because eating healthy doesn’t involve that much cake!"

"My goal is to have a killer beach body by the end of snow season in Boulder. But seriously, my goal race this year is IM Arizona so I want to be as fit and healthy for that race as possible. That gives me one full year to really get on a healthy eating schedule."

"My game plan is to avoid those terribly delicious, I mean, tempting sweets and snacks by actually going to the grocery store. I will shop for food and make meals ahead of time so I am not tempted to grab lunch on the fly. If you don’t pack a lunch, it’s just way too easy to end up eating half a pizza for lunch, and then have the other half a pizza for dinner –it’s a slippery slope."

"I like good food and this cookbook has a lot of great options that will keep me eating healthy and keep me happy about it – because tasty food is one of the reasons I like to train!"

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About Liz

  • What is one secret you use to keep yourself motivated?

    No secret, because everyone knows I am really competitive. Even with myself. The feeling of completing a workout or winning is the best feeling. When I don’t feel like finishing a run, I literally start talking to myself and tell myself how awful I will feel if I quit. I really hope I motivate other runners or other people at the gym when they hear me talk to myself, because I’m sure it’s a great speech! However, when I do complete a good run or workout, I make sure to give myself a pat on the back. No, really, I literally pat myself on the back.

  • Why do you like to run?

    Of course running for me has a lot to do with fitness, however I also need it to keep me mentally organized. I think about so many things while I am running, whether it be “I need to pay rent tomorrow” or “What should I do with my hair at my hair appointment” or “Just run to that tree and then you can stop.” Running really does keep me from having panic attacks. I want someone to create a device that records a runner’s brain, because I know there would be some funny conversations recorded!

  • If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

    Chips. If you gave me the option to pick between a bag of chips or a chocolate bar, I would pick the chips any day. Bring on the salt!

  • If you weren’t a runner, what would you be?

    Sad. Really, really sad. Okay but seriously, if I weren’t a runner, I would have to find some other endurance activity to participate in – maybe biking or hiking or skiing or even swimming (that would be a really tough one for me because I sink like a rock!) If I couldn’t be an athlete of some kind then I would have to find some way to read or write about endurance activities so I could use my imagination and pretend I was there. Wow, I must really be addicted to endorphins!

  • What is the worst weather you have ever run in?

    Alamosa, Colorado in January in negative 23. My iPod froze and stopped working and the entire run was frozen over with 2 inches of snow. I didn’t see a single other living creature on that run (imagine that!) Granted when I got back to my apartment, I couldn’t use my fingers to untie my shoes to get my house key to unlock the door, and I tried to cry but my tears froze right away, but apart from that it was an awesome run! Plus now I can’t ever really make an excuse about not running because of bad weather.

  • What was your biggest non-running related accomplishment in 2014?

    Hmmm – tough one. I singlehandedly defeated an invasion of caterpillars that tried to eat all of the vegetables in my garden last summer. That was a big victory and a lot of work because those little bugs were persistent! Also, I did twelve real push-ups in a row once – that was a big deal too with my notoriously weak runner arms. I was sore for four days afterwards though so I won’t be attempting that again any time soon!

  • What is the toughest challenge you faced in 2014?

    I participated in Ironman Boulder last August. It was a complete emotional roller coaster full of ups and downs. Breaking down on the run course was a terrible feeling - I wanted to cry and never move again. Of course that didn’t stop me from signing up for another two full Ironman races this year. Guess I’m a sucker for punishment!

  • What are you most looking forward to in 2015?

    I am most looking forward to the Distance Elite color-up. I can’t tell you what it is because it is a surprise, but I can tell you it will be awesome! For those of you who think you know me, let’s just say it may be my favorite color.

  • How do you reward yourself after a good workout?

    The first thing I do after my run is go to the fridge and get an ice cold IPA (even in the winter). Then I just lay down on the carpet and "pretend to stretch."