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Three P.O.P platforms differentiate the shape, ride and feel found in Newton's Action/Reaction™ Technology.


P.O.P 1

Good for:

Long distance training and high intensity workouts and races.


Lightweight and power packed. Designed to amplify efficient running with a super dynamic feel.

Tech Talk:
  • Open chamber Action/Reaction™ technology
  • Isolated and more rigid lugs for greater responsiveness

P.O.P 2

Good for:

For everyday training and racing, an all around go-to shoe.


Versatile and balanced. The dynamic Newton pop in a more relaxed package.

Tech Talk:
  • Entry into Open Chamber technology
  • Beveled and articulated lugs for a more relaxed ride
  • Surrounded by static lugs for a broader base

P.O.P 3

Good for:

Softer ride for all distances and experience levels.


Familiar and forgiving. A subtle and inviting ride with some extra pep.

Tech Talk:
  • PU Foam backed chamber Action/Reaction™ technology