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Everyone at Newton Running wants to make sure you love your shoes. If you have questions, concerns or thoughts about your Newton shoes, we are here for you.

When you call us, you will talk to a real live Newton Running expert – maybe even our Cofounder, Danny Abshire. We're prepared to offer you not just the best shoes, but the best customer support anywhere.

Adjusting to your Newton shoes
Choosing the size for your needs
Finding your foot type

Most popular FAQ’s

Choosing a Model

Which shoe is right for me?

We recommend choosing your Newton based on several factors.

            Your foot type 
            How comfortable you are with a midfoot technique
            If you have ever worn Newtons before
            Primary use for the shoes

If you have questions about which model is best for you, send us a message here and we will do our best to match you up with your Newton soulmate!

How can I find my foot type?

Great question! If you don't know your foot type, you can either stop by your local specialty running store for an analysis or check out our video for finding your foot type. Look up your local Newton retailer here.


Which models are designed for a more neutral foot type?

Runners with a more neutral foot type will want to take a look at the Aha, the Fate, the Gravity IV, and the Distance IV. Not sure of your foot type? Check out our video here.

Which models are designed with added stability for overpronation?

Runners with overpronation will want to take a look at the Energy NR II, the Kismet, the Motion IV, and the Distance S IV. Not sure of your foot type? Check out our video here.

Sizing and Fit

What size should I get?

We recommend basing your size off of your current running shoes. Measure if you have a full thumbs width of space from the top of your longest toe to the end of the shoe. If you have that much room, stay in the same size for your Newtons.

If you are unsure of your current size, please use the ShoeFitr application (located on each shoe page) in order to help with an accurate size estimate. Our shoes run true to athletic sizing so most runners stick with the size that they typically wear in an athletic shoe.

How do I know if my shoes fit properly?

The proper fit in your Newtons should give you about a thumb's width from the end of your longest toe to the end of the shoes. This should ensure that the raised lugs on the midfoot are fairly centered under the ball of your foot to allow you to hit your sweet spot on every stride!

Is it okay to use orthotics or inserts with my Newtons?

Yes. Simply remove the insert that comes with the shoes and replace it with your over-the-counter insert or custom orthotic.

For custom orthotic information, please contact the Newton Running Lab at 303.494.0321

Shoe Features and Details

What does POP mean?

POP stands for Point of Power and refers to the different types of cushioning and level of responsiveness in our different models. This is the “sweet spot” in the shoes.

So tell me more about POP 1.

POP 1 refers to our most responsive lug platform. The POP 1 platform will have isolated and squared-off lugs based on an elastic membrane and hollow chamber to give you the most responsive ball of the foot platform. Found in our Mileage and Speed trainers, the POP 1 platform is designed to give you a highly responsive and dynamic ride. 

And POP 2?

Our POP 2 platform will feature the same elastic membrane and hollow chamber like the POP 1 platform but with rounded and articulated lugs to help guide you onto the sweet spot on the ball of the foot. Found in our Core trainers, the POP 2 platform will still offer a great responsive feel, but with a slightly more relaxed ride due to the beveled lugs.

Last, but not least, POP 3?

The POP 3 platform, found in our Gateway trainers, is based on a foam-filled chamber designed to provide a slightly softer and less pronounced sweet spot on the ball of the foot. The lugs will still help guide you to the midfoot but with a softer and more forgiving ride.

Running Form & Other Resources

Good resources and information on Natural Running Form

Newton Running Cofounder Danny Abshire’s book Natural Running is an outstanding resource for people interested in learning more about running efficiency and form. Other resources include:


Newton Running Videos
Newton Running Youtube Channel

What should my wear pattern look like?

Newton Running shoes are designed to show wear from the outside-in and your unique wear pattern can give you great feedback about your form and technique. Flip over your shoes and take a look!

Ideally, you should see most of the wear centered on the front third of the lugs under the ball of your foot and little friction wear on the heel or toe of the shoes.

For more information on your wear patterns, check out our customer corner video

How do I run midfoot downhill?

Running downhill with a midfoot strike takes a bit of time to master.  A confident, rapid leg turnover will allow you to stay on the midfoot while continuing to accelerate on the downhill. Keep your feet level to the ground rather than pointing your toes down and stabbing the ground or overstriding and braking with your heel. Watch a demontration here