Danny Abshire Authors Book on Natural Running

natural-running-bookDanny Abshire, the co-founder and chief technical officer of Newton, has authored a new book titled Natural Running: The Simple Path to Stronger, Healthier Running. It is now available to order online.

“This is the single most important resource for people who want to enjoy running as nature intended while protecting themselves from unnatural surfaces,” says Abshire. “The book will teach you to run the barefoot way—with shoes—and become a more efficient, stronger and healthier runner.”

Danny is a passionate, lifelong runner who has spent 10 years designing and refining Newton Running shoes. As a longtime running form coach and injury expert, he has worked closely with thousands of athletes, from beginners to Olympic elites, helping them improve their running form and technique.

“Danny has worked with some of the best runners and triathletes in the history of endurance sports,” says Craig Alexander, two-time Ironman World Champion. “Just speaking to him will make you a better runner.”

In Natural Running, Abshire explains the posture, arm carriage, cadence, and land-lever-lift foot positioning that mimic the barefoot running style. Runners transition from heel striking to a midfoot or forefoot strike, which studies show is how the body evolved to run. So that runners can relearn this more natural running gait, Abshire offers an 8-week transition plan, complete with a tool kit of strength and form drills that build and maintain the musculature required for natural running.