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2019 Kona Limited Edition

$88.00  $120.00

Island Style

This year’s edition uses the pallet of the island and draws from the pristine beaches to pay homage to the true original trophy of triathlon’s most difficult and iconic race

Kona Limited Edition Details

Newton Men's Kismet 4 Specifications


  • Weight (oz): 6.8
  • Drop: 6.0
  • Support: Neutral
Newton Women's Kismet 4 Upper


  • Breathable and Versatile Open Weave Mesh
  • Innovative Metatarsal Stretch Panel
  • Performance Lace and Tongue System
Newton Women's Kismet 4 Sole Technology

sole technology

  • Smooth and Stable
  • Tapered Lugs to Smooth Transition
  • Full-Foot Newtonium Cushioning
  • Tuned Posting to Enhance Stability
  • EMB Technology to Enhance Ground Contact

What Makes Newton Unique?

Level Platform

Over time, many shoe designs have become thicker, softer and heavier with greater heel heights. In the spirit of making every stride better, Newton shoes feature lower heel to toe drops to put you in a more natural running position.

Action/Reaction Technology

The secret formula powering the speed of Newton Running shoes is its proprietary Action/Reaction Technology. Generated by the active movement of the lugs, it creates a responsive, trampoline-like cushioning system that provides quicker bounce-back and loses less energy than a traditional foam-core running shoe.

Full Foot Cushioning

If you love the responsive yet cushioned feel of the lugs in the forefoot, you'll be happy to find out the same technology exists in the heel. With Newton Running, you get full-foot cushioning and protection.





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