Personal Alarm


Feel secure on your run.

Our personal alarm is easy to activate, maximizes visibility, and has a weather proof design. Includes an audible alarm, LED flashlight, and clip-on access.

Easy to activate: Simply press button to turn alarm on and off – intuitive design makes it easy even in stressful situations.

Attention-grabbing: 120 dB alarm audible 600 feet (185 m) away alerts others to your situation – turns bystanders into witnesses and possibly even rescuers

Maximizes visibility: LED flashlight with on, slow flash, & fast flash modes to ensure that you are visible in all light conditions.

Instant access: Clip to clothing, bag, waistband, etc. makes attaching and accessing simple and effective – no fumbling for the alarm or need to carry in your hands.

Weather proof design: You don’t stop if the weather turns ugly, and your personal alarm doesn’t either.

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