Men's Motion 6



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The Motion 6 has the all-new Newtonium foam cushioning system that provides more responsive cushioning closer to the foot.

The days of compromising speed for stability are over. The Motion 6 combines the best of both worlds. It features Newton's EMB (extended medial bridge) platform which offers more functional support for runners with medial side pronation or a flatter arch. The Motion 6 pairs a lightweight, breathable mesh upper and a 4-way stretch mesh metatarsal panel making it a comfortable shoe for everyone. This model is ideal for high mileage endurance training and racing. The performance of a Gravity in a stability package!

Product Details

  • Item number • M000317
  • Weight • 9.4
  • Platform • P.O.P 1
  • Heel-to-toe drop • 3.0
  • EMB • Yes


  • NEW tongue features a more breathable, flexible mesh for the optimal blend of comfort and performance

  • Lightweight, seamless engineered breathable mesh

  • 4-way stretch mesh metatarsal panels

  • Heel lace lock

  • Reinforced eyelets

  • Updated pre-molded heel counter creates better form and fit

  • Semi-flat lightweight laces

  • 360 degree reflectivity

  • Blue and grey colorway


  • Newton's EMB (extended medial bridge) platform to provide more functional support for runners with medial side pronation or a flatter arch.

  • NEW Newtonium foam cushioning provides more responsive cushioning closer to the foot. 

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7 Customer Reviews

Great shoes, but less durable than previous iterations
I love Newton and have been running in them almost exclusively for several years. However, the Motion 6 is probably the least durable of the models I've owned (bought my first pair of motions in 2012). When I retired that first pair, I had done about 630 miles in them, and the lugs were significantly diminished, but they were still a functional pair of shoes. Subsequent models have usually made it to ~500-550 miles before showing the same amount of wear (I skipped Motion IV because I didn't like the tongue and had loaded up on Motion IIIs, which were my all-time favorite shoe).

My Motion 6s have more wear on the lugs after ~350 miles than any of these shoes did before I retired them. I run on similar terrain now as I did then--usually asphalt or crushed stone, occasionally some light trails), and have not significantly change my gait or other practices. I have to conclude that the shoes have simply become less durable for some reason, be it design or materials.

As said above, I love these shoes. I still really like my 6s. But I've always justified the comparatively high cost of these shoes by knowing that they would last longer than the other brands I used to run in (which were usually toast by 330ish, 400 miles max). Just know that the cost differential between these and similar models from other brands probably won't be made up by additional durability as it may have been in the past.
December 3, 2017
Motion 6
This is an awesome fit for you if you want to improve your running technique and speed,thanks for STEVE in UK Newton Running shoes retail for quick response for my foult shoes exchange ,I’m highly recommend to try Newton shoes, you will improve your running ,techniques and free from injuries
November 10, 2017
Superlative running shoe
I was running my first 50 km with my new Motion 6 , a great sport-shoe , better cushioning that the previous ones , and absolutely comfortable from the first step , the strongest points from my point of view are , the new tongue design , the Newtonium and the cushioning
I have run with this new pair the Buenos Aires Marathon on October 15th
September 20, 2017
I have been running in Newton Motions for about 5 years now. This year I thought it was time for a change and bought a pair of H@#a's They are very comfortable for a walk but I just could not run in them. I went back to Newton and got the Motion 6. This generation is the best I have ever owned. They are extremely comfortable right out of the box. I will never buy anything but Newton again.
August 8, 2017
To another 1000 miles of bliss
This is my 24th pair of Newtons. The new Motion 6 is comfortable right out of the box and great for anything from tempos to long runs. The new tongue add more comfort, though I never had an issue with he thinner tongue of the Motion 5. The new Newtonium foam is a tad bouncier but the ride remains smooth and you get enough feedback.
June 20, 2017
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