Women's Gravity 7

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The 2018 Gravity is the pinnacle of Newton technology and designed for runners who expect nothing less than the ultimate running experience.

It’s Action-Reaction Technology is tuned to excel in the widest range of circumstances—from daily training to ultra-marathons. And the Newtonium cushioning system ensures a smooth, stable ride with superior responsiveness. Combined all this makes for exceptional versatility, durability, and comfort and the Gravity the perfect shoe for getting the most out of every stride.

Product Details

  • Item number • W000218
  • Weight • 7.4
  • Platform •
  • Heel-to-toe drop • 3.0mm
  • EMB • No


Tongue features a flexible mesh for the optimal blend of comfort and performance

Durable, breathable engineered mesh upper

4-way stretch mesh metatarsal panels

Heel lace lock

Pre-molded heel counter creates better form and fit

New for 2018, high performance laces

360 degree reflectivity


High-rebound EVA

s.h.a.r.c outsole

Innovative bottom unit for enhanced flexibility and full-foot cushioning


Newtonium foam provides a more responsive full-length cushion that sits closer to the foot

Action/ReactionTM Technology in the midfoot and heel

Biomechanical metatarsal sensor plate

High-rebound EVA

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6 Customer Reviews

Amazing Shoes!
This was my first time wearing Newtons. I have tried just about every different running shoe possible, and I have always had foot pain when I'm running. I'm currently training for my 4th marathon. The running shoes I started training in hurt my feet so much that I thought for sure that there was not a chance I could continue my training. I could barely walk after a quick 4 mile run. My husband suggested that I try Newtons because he had heard nothing but great things about them, and thought they could potentially help with my issues. I was very skeptical, like I said I really have tried almost every brand of running shoes at this point. I gave them a try anyway, and not only did they feel great, but they helped my feet heal while training. They do have a spacious toe box, and I love how springy they are. Also, I really like how low the top of the shoes hits lower than most other shoes I have tried. I already ordered my second pair, and I really can't imagine wearing a different type of running shoe at this point. These shoes really have helped my running form and prevented injury during my training. I have nothing but great things to say, and have recommended them to all of my family and friends.
March 30, 2018
GRAVITY 7 - My Kryptonite infused with Newtonium!
I am running into my 11th year in Newtons. The Gravitas, aka Gravity 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 has always been my shoe, though I happily run in every Newton just fine and injury free. But this year's version really takes the cake and actually I didn't need anything better. It's lighter and yet feels just supportive enough to take away that edge that sometimes comes after mile 18. I've got so many running and adventure plans this year, and thought I was prepared with my arsenal in version 6...But thanks to Newton and the team behind the brand, I can check off SHOES when it comes to having what I need in that regard to hit my goals in a strong/fierce way! Pretty much this 7 is a perfect 10.
February 8, 2018
These are awesome!
I have run in Newtons for probably 7-8 years...back when there was a 'Lady Isaac' and always loved them. I switched to the gravity when it was IV, and have been loyal ever since. I had 2 pairs of those, then 2 of the Vs, and 1 VI. I didn't love the VI...really loved the Vs they just felt awesome, perfect support and the toe box felt better. It took forever to break in the VIs, but they just weren't as good on my feet. I was looking to find another pair of Vs out there somewhere and saw that the VIIs had been released. I got them yesterday and am already in love. They are soooo gooood!!!! The toe box feels great, perfect bounce on the balls of my feet, and the shoe feels lighter than past models. I couldn't wait to run on them this morning and they did not disappoint. I am pretty positive these will be my favorite model yet. They just feel right. I am a pretty active runner - 3-4mi most days, usually a longer one 1/week. I have a run weekend coming up and am glad I have a shoe that will carry me through the weekend. Would love another color option...blue or orange maybe???? So I can get more than one pair! :) These are fantastic !
February 7, 2018
I've been running in the Gravity since the 5s. Always been a Motion girl, but I loved those 5s. They were "squishy" and felt broken in right from the first run. Then came the 6s with Newtonium. I absolutely love those too, but they did take a little longer to have that broken in feel. Then these 7s came out and they are amazing! Remind me so much of the 5s: squishy, springy, and have that broken-in feel right from the first run! Wide, roomy toe box for anyone needing that feature. The new laces are perfect! The stay tied, stay tied tightly, and I love how they lay flat so the laces don't dig into the top of your foot if you have a skinny narrow foot like I do. The tongue is even longer now too, not obnoxiously long, but longer and better than previous models. And lastly, this new colorway is absolutely incredible! The teal and NEON pink go great together, and despite me not being a pinky gal in the slightest, these sneaks are gorgeous! Newton, you guys nailed it with the Gravity 7s!
February 2, 2018
Even better than the 6, I've been running in Newtons for about 3 to 4 years now. Love the low drop of the gravity, very cushiony, and good quality, as usual, and love the bright colors. I have a generally wide forefoot and narrow heel, these shoes just work for me.
January 28, 2018
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