Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Holiday Gift Guide 2023

12 December 2023

We have gifts for everyone on your naughty list, nice list, and "treat yo self" list. Welcome to the 2023 Gift Guide!


Got weather? That's sNOw problem this winter in the All Weather Gravity. It's both water resistant and breathable. Made of seven recycled water bottles and durable enough to break records for long (LONG) distance running, the All Weather Gravity is the best of all worlds. 


Need cushion? We have you covered like never before. In 2023, Newton launched its first max cushion model: the NEW Isaac. Paired with a full length Pebax plate, the extra cushion provides a responsive ride that will have you wishing your route was a little longer. 


If the off season is taking you off road, we have the perfect companion for your trail adventures. Water resistant and packed with traction, the BOCO 7 is also a solid option for battling old man winter. 


What is unanimously universally loved? Hoodies.

What is the solution if you don't know someone's shoe size, but you know approximately how big they are? Hoodies.

What is the perfect gift for yourself even though you know your partner is going to steal it the first chance they get? Hoodies. 


Hot coffee to start the day, hot chocolate to end the day, 8 glasses of water in between. Make hydration more fun with a new 20 oz Tumbler. Now in neon green, making it way harder for someone to steal. 


'Tis the season for our biggest sale of the year, check it out now on Your favorite shoes are now at their lowest prices.