Why Newton

Our top priority at Newton is to serve our community. It’s the reason we exist.

We’re Newton Running. We exist to make every stride better.

Our Mission is to be the world’s leader in natural running shoe technology and form, and use our platform to advance social responsibility initiatives to help make the world a better place.

Newton Family and Friends

We’re here for the runners we work with on demo runs. The ones who come to tech sessions to increase their knowledge of natural running form. The retail partners we support as if their store was our own. The kids who want to run, but can’t afford shoes. The Newtonites who started as customers and became family. The elderly people in our hometown of Boulder, Colorado who we deliver meals to every Tuesday

We are here to serve them, and countless others.

We’re runners.

We love running. We eat, dream and sleep running. Marathons, ultramarathons, 5Ks, triathlons, trail runs, group runs, track workouts – you name it, we’re there.

We’re teachers.

We love helping people who want to improve their running form, efficiency and performance. We recommend several small run technique tips that can unlock big improvements, and compliment the Newton ride.

We’re trying to make a difference

We believe strongly in the old adage “To whom much is given, much is required.” We’re proud to sponsor several local organizations and charities including Soles 4 Souls, Trickle Up, and One World Running

A Team of Runners

We’re socially-conscious, eco-friendly runners who are committed to bringing you high-quality, responsive running shoes to help you run smoother, more efficiently, and just plain better.

Community Events

We love helping people run. And we especially love helping people run together.

Running Group 1
Running Group 2

Our community events unite runners for fun, to teach better natural running techniques and to support good causes. Check out our upcoming events and join us.

Check out our event calendar here!

More about Us

Boulder, Colorado-based Newton Running is the leader in performance running shoes that promote gait efficiency for people at all levels of the sport, from first-time 5k runners to seasoned marathoners. Newton Running’s patented Action/Reaction™ technology provides dynamic shock absorption, energy return, ground feel, minimal heel-to-toe drop, and lightweight comfort. Newton Running form clinics, hosted in partnership with specialty running retailers worldwide, help runners learn their natural running motion.

In addition to its devotion to help people run better, Newton Running is committed to corporate responsibility through sustainability efforts and through the support of numerous charitable organizations and has been nationally recognized for these efforts. Newton Running shoes are available at exclusive specialty retail distributors across the country and around the world or at www.newtonrunning.com.