Journey Of A Shoe!

Journey Of A Shoe!

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13 June 2013

Ever wondered what happens throughout the creation of a Newton Running shoe? We thought we’d give you an inside look at how are shoes are manufactured!

Raw Material

  1.  Most of the materials used to stitch the upper are received in rolls and can be seen here prior to cutting and stitching
  2. The materials warehouse needs to be very organized
  3. The stock on hand is generally a mix of textiles and synthetics.  Each roll is marked with material name, supplier and country of origin
  4. Materials are checked for quality, total square footage and correct color match upon receiving Raw Materials 1

Raw Materials 2


Setting  (AKA Pressing and Stock Fitting)

  1. Seen in these shots are sole units prior to assembly
  2. A sole unit is the midsole, outsole and any inserts pieces that have been stock fitted together
  3. Newton shoes have a biomechanical top plate and cavity chamber that integrate with the patented action-reaction performance technology Settings 1Setting 2


  1. Seen here are the finished shoes just prior to packaging in the inner-box
  2. All shoes undergo a final QC check by a trained controllers prior to exportAssembly 3

There you have it, Newton Running shoes!