Newton and Ironman: Running Efficiency

running form

4 March 2013

With our new partnership with Ironman comes Newton Running’s position not only as the official shoe and run course of the granddaddy of triathlon but also writing a series of “Running Modules” for

In this first installment, written by Newton’s Director or Research and Education Ian Adamson, we focus on probably the most important aspect of running and that is: efficiency. Too often we get hung up on working on biking technique, swimming technique, what shoe is right, what socks we’re wearing or whether the ratio of compression garments to sweat rate is in some arbitrary sweet spot. When you strip away all that other stuff, the one thing that we consistently overlook is running technique and efficiency.

In this piece, Ian gets into some of the most basic yet most often ignored information of running efficiency and the role it plays, and has always played, in our lives.