Norseman in Newtons

Norseman in Newtons

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18 November 2008

We got the below testimonial from Elizabeth in our inbox yesterday. I’ve never heard of the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon in Eidfjord, Norway, so I did a little homework. The term ‘extreme’ gets tossed about quite a bit these days, but after reading about the Norseman, I’m convinced it’s the real deal and I’m very impressed with Elizabeth’s performance. A few Norseman facts I learned:

–The race begins at 5am with a 3.8K swim in the Hardangerfjord. Racers jump off the back of a boat for the for the water start.

–Next is a 180K bike leg, which includes a brutal 4,000 foot climb at the end.

–Finally, there’s a 42K run, which ends with a ridiculous 5K, 6,000 foot climb to the top of the Gaustatoppen.

–After finishing at the top of the mountain, you have to walk back down, in the dark, after 140 miles and 20 hours of racing.

–Oh, and those Euros aren’t afraid to get buck naked at the race transitions.

Well, I think the Norseman certainly lives up to its billing as the world’s hardest triathlon and we’re duly impressed that Elizabeth was there, rocking her Newtons to a great finish!

Here’s her story:

I just wanted to let someone know about my great experience in Newton trainers in the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon this summer. As a long-time runner and triathlon convert, I’ve been running in Newton trainers and racing shoes for just over a year. I love the way they feel, and have seen a huge improvement on hills, which have always been a weakness of mine. And within a week of using Newtons, they seem to have cured a long-time nagging injury in my left ankle.

But the true test of my Newtons was in the Norseman triathlon this summer. This iron-distance event finishes on the summit of a 6,000 foot peak. The run climbs 10% grades on the road, then finishes with about 3.5 miles on a rocky trail to the summit. My Newtons were amazing! They made the transition from flat road to steep grade and even rocky trail perfectly, giving my feet plenty of support without weighing them down. As one of the handful of women to finish on the summit that day, and the only one over 40, I attribute some of that success to the outstanding performance of my Newtons on race day, and the way they helped me train injury-free as I prepared for the race.

Thank you for making such an outstanding product! I look forward to trying the new all-weather version as I log a lot of miles in rough terrain and in the snow.

Elizabeth R.

York, ME