Production Standards

A Commitment to Human Rights

Newton Running is committed to supporting human rights and we incorporate internationally recognized human rights standards into our business practice across the globe. We require compliance with these standards by all of our business partners and do everything to assure that these standards are met, including on-site inspection of production facilities and social and environmental third policy audits to implement and monitor our standards.

 Our standards address the following issues:

 -       Compliance with Laws – All Newton Running business partners will comply with all applicable laws, cods, rules and regulations wherever we do business.

 -       Prohibition of Forced, Prison and Other Involuntary Labor - Business partners will not use involuntary prison or forced labor – indentured, bonded or otherwise.  Newton Running will not purchase materials that were produced by compulsory labor and we will terminate business relationships with partners found to utilizing forced labor.

-       Discipline, Harassment or Abuse - Workers will not be denied their rights and dignity. Business partners will not tolerate harassment, psychological or physical abuse, corporal punishment, or physical coercion in any form.  Sexual harassment, indecent or threatening gestures, abusive tone or language and undesired physical contact will not be allowed.

-       Child Labor – Newton Running will not work with any partners who use child labor and business partners must comply with all applicable legal restrictions on the nature and volume of work performed by young workers.

-       Compensation and Benefits – Newton Running requires all business partners to pay wages for all hours worked, regular and overtime and benefits that match or exceed the requirements of the local and national laws of the jurisdictions in which we do business.

-       Health and Safety – Newton Running requires all business partners to provide a safe, clean, healthy and productive workplace for employees. Workers must be adequately trained to perform their jobs safely and provided with necessary safety equipment and machines to meet all safety regulations.

-       Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining– Newton Running requires all business partners respect the rights of employees to exercise their rights of free association and collective bargaining, and to join or not join the organization of their choice, without penalty, interference, authorization or reprisal.

-       Harassment, Abuse and Disciplinary Action –Newton Running requires all business partners to ensure the workplace is free from sexual, psychological, physical and verbal harassment, abuse or intimidation and that every employee is treated with respect and dignity. Disciplinary practices must be legal and impartial.

-       Environment – Newton Running will only use business partners that share our commitment to the environment. Our business partners will comply with all applicable environmental rules, regulations and standards and observe environmentally sound practices including the proper handling and disposal of hazardous and other waste. Newton Running business partners must continuously work toward mitigating negative environmental impacts in daily operations.