Core For Runners

Run Healthy with a Strong Core

You don’t need the Abdominizer or six-pack abs to run strong and healthy. But adding a few quick, simple and regularly performed core exercises can make a world of difference in your running performance. No matter where you are in your training, here are a few to get you started or reenergize your routine. And if you happen to look ripped in your speedo or bikini, all the better. Enjoy.

Exercise 1: Side plank with hip drop. Incorporating core exercises that work on both stabilization and movement, is a great way to build functional strength that can help carry you through your run as you start to fatigue.

Side Plank

Exercise 2:
Start in a crunch position, pressing a shoe against your knees with your elbows. Extend one leg while holding the shoe in place. Alternate legs, 15-20 on each side. This exercise challenges your core and hip flexors by keeping them engaged throughout the entire exercise. 

Plank with alternating knee tap

Exercise 3:
Plank with alternating knee tap. Adding the tap works your hip flexors, which are used repeatedly throughout your run. Give it a whirl - Hold front plank for 30s, 15 alternating knee taps on each side, hold for a final 30s. Repeat if you're not feeling the burn!

Extended Alternating Table Top

Exercise 4:
In this variation of a plank, you'll drop from a high plank down to your elbows and then back up again. Perform 10 repetitions with one arm leading and then switch to the other side.


Exercise 5:
 Bridges - Lie on your back with your knees bent. While keeping your abs engaged, squeeze your glutes and raise your hips. Lower and repeat for 1-2 minutes. Too easy? Try one leg at a time!

Single Leg Lift

Exercise 6: Did you know that when running, you never have two feet on the ground at the same time. For this reason, balance is extremely important. This is a great balance and coordination exercise that challenges the core and the mind.

Plank Variation