1000 Day Run Streak

1000 Day Run Streak

25 August 2021

Interview with Candace Gibson - 1000 Day Running Streak, in Newtons!

Newton: Congratulations! You completed your 1000th consecutive day of running! How did the journey begin? What inspired you to start?

Candace: My 1000 day running streak began on November 30, 2018. My husband, Mark, and I were running fairly consistently, but not daily, so I thought it would be neat to set a goal for running 1000 days (all outside). Mark, at first, didn’t believe that I was actually serious, so he didn’t run every day until two months later when he realized that this was a goal I was determined to achieve, so then he began to run daily with me. This desire to complete this streak was aided by our local running store, Running Wild implementing a six-week running challenge entitled Frozen Feet in January, 2019.  I am a goal-oriented person, so my determination to achieve is relentless.

Newton: Do you have a most memorable moment from your run streak? What have you learned about yourself from pursuing this endeavor?

Candace: The commitment to running outside daily means that you have to contend with anything that Mother Nature has to offer, such as hurricanes in Florida, cold weather, extremely hot weather, etc. It also means that planning your runs has to fit in with your schedule. For instance, in April, 2019, Mark and I traveled to Paris to run the Paris marathon. Our flight left from New Orleans at 8:00 a.m., and as it’s a two and a half to three hour drive from our home, plus adding two hours for check-in, we had to leave our house around 3:00 a.m. In order not to miss running that day, we got up at 11:45 p.m., dressed and went out for a run at 12:05 a.m.  Then when we got to Paris the next morning, we ran in Paris so the streak would be unbroken.

Newton: Did you face any challenges throughout the streak - mentally or physically?

Candace: During the 1000 days, I faced two significant physical challenges. The first was a severe groin pull which lasted for over a month.  I had run a nine mile fast, hilly run, and the next day, I could barely walk.  Through persistence and God’s power, I hobbled the best I could for a mile.  Each day, thereafter, I increased the distance by small increments until the pain subsided. The second challenge was tendonitis on my left foot which occurred on a run.  My foot was quite swollen, and there was significant pain between my big toe and the second toe.  I had to completely loosen the laces on my shoe, wrap my foot and run/hobble very slowly; however, I persisted for several weeks with the wrapped foot until it returned to normal. These challenges were more mentally difficult than physical, because I wasn’t able to run the pace I preferred, but I literally prayed my way through each injury.

Newton: What advice would you give to someone looking to start a run streak, or to someone who wants to begin a new habit?

Candace: For anyone who is considering beginning a run streak or any new habit, my advice is to have a desire that compels you to overcome whatever obstacles that will occur. It also is a huge help to have a support system such as I have with my husband. Although completing the streak or goal is completely individual, having someone encourage you either through participation or through giving kudos, gives the extra boost that you sometimes need. In the end, though the desire to achieve has to outweigh anything else that might arise!

Newton: You’ve run 1000 consecutive days! Do you have any injury-prevention tips for those new to the sport? 

Candace: For anyone who is new to running, stretching and doing 5-10 minutes of pre-run warmup is hugely important! Warming up and lengthening the muscles will greatly diminish injuries.  Also, hydration, hydration, hydration is crucial. After a run, stretching for 5 minutes also helps your muscles relax. The last tip is when you first start your run, don’t go full speed.  Run a moderate pace and then speed up after you’ve given your body the opportunity to understand it’ s in the running mode.

Newton: Your 1000th run day was spent in our own backyard of Boulder, CO! What was the experience like? How do you feel now?

Candace: I am so grateful to Paul and Cherie at Pensacola’s Running Wild for working with Jerry Lee, Newton’s owner and founder, to arrange my running my 1000th day at their headquarters in beautiful Boulder, Colorado! What a thrill it was to have the opportunity to meet Jerry and the crew, take a tour of the facility where the awesome Newton shoes are conceived, designed and shipped from, learn about the commitment Newton is making to be environmentally responsible as well as their affiliation with military support groups, and to see all the Newton shoes from years past. Saturday, the day we commemorated my 1000th day, Paul and Cherie ran a 4 mile loop alongside Mark and me (although my pace is slower than theirs) on a beautiful path along a river in downtown Boulder.  Much to my surprise and joy, the Newton team was waiting for us with a race-type finish—Newton feathers, a banner, Guatemalan coffee and cheers!  Jerry presented me with a shadow box containing “Congratulations 1000 2021” which was made by Wendy (Jerry’s daughter) with the lugs from bottoms of Newton shoes (many of which I have worn over the years). Although I am not an elite athlete by any stretch of the imagination, the Newton team made me feel like one!

NewtonCould you tell us what's next for you - Do you have another goal in mind? We can’t wait to follow along!

Candace: Now that I’ve completed 1000 days, the question is what’s next? Well, I have officially begun my trek to completing 2000 consecutive days. That goal as well as completing the Abbott World Marathon Majors– running the top six marathons in the world – Boston, Chicago, New York, Berlin, Tokyo and London—are my two goals. I have completed the three American marathons and will run Berlin this September, so hopefully I can get into London and Tokyo (both by lottery) in 2022 and complete the Six

Newton: Any parting words for the readers?

Candace: In closing, I will have to say that when I first started running, which was in May, 2015, 4 ½ years after I retired, I went to Running Wild in my hometown of Pensacola to get fitted for shoes.  They were patient and professional in finding the right shoes for me. It took my wearing several different brands of shoes before trying on Newton, but once I did, I knew they were the running shoes for me and have worn them ever since.  I have worn Newtons in the Boston, New York, Marine Corps, Chicago, Paris and San Francisco marathons – just to name a few. The Newton Gravity helps keep me more on my toes than on my heels!  They are so light and airy but are balanced by excellent support around the ankle and heel. I am just an ordinary runner who has found my extraordinary shoe, and I am so grateful for them.

1000 Day Run Steak

Newton: Candace, we really appreciate you taking the time to share your story and journey with us. Thank you for the inspiration, and for the motivation to become the best version of ourselves! We can't wait to see what you do next.