Nice Legs (and shoes!)

Nice Legs (and shoes!)


8 October 2008

Guys (and gals?) of Newton-

My friends and I took a few pics from the first annual Playa Del Rey Triathlon over the weekend and wanted to email ’em to ya – after posing we realized we were all wearing the same Newton Racers 😉 Anyway, I myself own 2 pairs of trainers and a pair of racers and did my first Ironman (France-Nice on June 27th) in the racers and they were AWESOME. I’ve looked so long and hard for a pair of running shoes that work for me and let me just say that I will never wear any other brand of running shoes again! No more back, hip, knee or plantar pain since wearing Newtons! Zero! My brother lives near your original store in Boulder so I’ll definitely stop in next time I’m in town. Thanks for making such an awesome product!

Dan C.