Thank You, Veterans

Thank You, Veterans

11 November 2020

Interview with US Navy Veteran Mark Negele

US Navy Veteran Mark Negele’s journey as a lifelong competitive runner and Navy Diver have both been paths of twists and turns. Taking advantage of unexpected opportunities, he found himself saying, “I’m a very lucky guy and I take stock constantly of how lucky I am to be where I’m at.” So, what does being a Navy Diver and lifelong runner/triathlete have in common? Surprisingly a lot!

I spoke with Mark as he shared stories and life lessons learned over the past few decades. Stories like when he ended up stationed in San Diego and took advantage of the blossoming endurance scene to propel his childhood love of running. Conversely, now as an ultramarathoner he finds himself drawing on his military experience to problem solve, adapt and overcome obstacles. Most importantly he’s learned that you can’t force a straight line to your goals. Instead, a combination of preparation, adaptability and a bit of ‘go with flow’ will get you where you want to be.

As we celebrate Veterans Day today with Mark and all of the servicemen and women throughout our country; we Thank You for your sacrifice. Mark, much more eloquently then I ever could, spoke on what being a shipmate in the Navy meant to him and how a countrywide respect for those who serve can be common ground we all find. Take a listen to my great conversation with Newton Running Ambassador Mark Negele and once again, Happy Veteran’s Day 2020.