Race Day Ready

Race Day Ready

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18 September 2015

The leaves on the trees are changing, the temps are cooling, and the racing season is heating up! As many of you hit the home stretch of your training, here are a few final race day tips from fellow Newtonites to help ensure you are Race Day Ready.

Tim Van Berkel- Ironman Champion

Next Big Race: Ironman Hawaii

How He Is Preparing: A long slow distance run in the mountains, watch it here. To make it your own: pick an inspiring location and run by heart rate instead of pace. Tim keeps his heart rate in the 130 range, and takes in the scenery instead of mile splits on his two and a half hour long run.

Favorite Training Shoe: Motion V.  “It has great support for being so lightweight, plus I really like the neon green color.”

Favorite Racing Shoe: Distance V. Tim’s three word description: light, responsive and supportive.


Fernando Cabada– 25k American Record Holder, 3 Time US Champion

Next Big Race: Chicago Marathon

How He Is Preparing: Fernando’s favorite marathon workout is 6-8 x 1 mile with 2-3 minutes rest. Fernando runs 4:40-4:30 for each mile repeat. To make this workout your own: start your mile reps just faster than marathon pace and work your way down to half marathon pace.

Favorite Training Shoe: Motion V

V.  The Motion IV is light enough to accommodate fast training runs, but stable enough to withstand high-mileage training weeks

Favorite Racing Shoe: Distance Elite. With a seamless, breathable mesh upper, and power packed sole, this is Fernando’s shoe of choice for a blazing fast marathon

Mike Andersen- 2014 Detroit Marathon Champion

Next Big Race: 2015 Detroit Marathon

How He Is Preparing: Mike’s favorite marathon workout is 2 x 6 miles at marathon effort in a 20 mile run. He warms up 3 miles, does 6 miles at marathon pace, 2 mile jog, 6 miles at marathon pace, 3 mile jog. “I love the feeling of pushing through that second set hard and feeling the confidence from knowing the strength is there,” says Mike.

Favorite Training Shoe: Gravity V. Mike loves the way the shoe performs over the long haul. “The Gravity is light enough to feel like a performance shoe but protective enough to get me through the 20 mile runs feeling healthy.”

Favorite Racing Shoe: Distance V. “The shoe begs to go fast. As soon as I put it on I feel smooth, efficient, and ready to lay down some speed. The Distance was the original Newton I tried and fell in love with, it is the sports car ride on a natural platform.”


Amanda Scott- US Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier

Next Big Race: Chicago Marathon, watch her key workout for the marathon here

How She Is Preparing: Amanda races regularly in the build up to a key race. In the weeks leading up to Chicago, Amanda raced the Run for the Cure 4 Miler, RNR Virginia Beach and the Wisconsin 5k. How to make this strategy your own: choose a half marathon 6-7 weeks out from your marathon.

Favorite Training Shoe: Gravity V.  Amanda puts a lot of emphasis on staying healthy during the buildup to a marathon. The Gravity IV features full-foot technology (including the heel) which makes it both responsive and balanced.

Favorite Racing Shoe: Distance Elite. “The lugs provide a little end-of-marathon power, when you need it the most.”

Tyler McCandless- US Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier

Next Big Race: Columbus 1/2 Marathon, and then onwards to the Olympic Trials. Watch Tyler doing some early morning training in Boulder here.

How He Is Preparing: Tyler’s favorite marathon specific workout is 3x3K off 3 min rest. “I know I’m very fit when I can be aggressive on the first one and still remain strong on the last rep.” How to make it your own: start with 3 x 1k, focusing on being consistent on each rep. The next week bump it up to 3 x 2k, and finally 3 x 3k in the third week.

Favorite Training Shoe: The Gravity V for recovery runs, the BOCO Sol for trail runs, and the Distance V for workouts. Variety: the spice of life.

Favorite Racing Shoe: Distance Elite. Tyler races often in hot and humid conditions (he is a mainstay in Kauai, Hawaii races) so he prefers the open mesh upper of the Distance Elite. Cooler feet, quicker times.