Finding Motivation in the New Year

Finding Motivation in the New Year

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14 January 2023

Tips & Tricks to Hold Yourself Accountable

We admit, it feels like there is no way to blog this topic without feeling obnoxiously cliché. The line “New Year, New Me” is thrown around so casually it’s lost almost all weight.  Still, many of us (ourselves included) take the calendar year rolling over as an opportunity to reset. We hope to break some less-desirable habits and work on create new positive routines. While we start off with the best of intentions, as the days, weeks and months slip by our priorities shift and resolutions begin to slip away. If this sounds like you, our goal is help make this year be a little different!

First, there are no quick fixes to make a New Years resolution stick. Your fitness and/or running goals are a long-term process and one that can be enjoyed. Second, everyone’s body and brain work a little different so what works for one person may or may not work for the next. Give yourself some grace and find what works best for you!

Here are 7 practical tips and mindset tricks:

  1. Find a workout buddy – Long ago many of us runners learned the power of accountability that an early-morning run group holds. Knowing there are people literally waiting for you will not only act as the kick-in-the-pants to show up, but also makes the workout much more enjoyable. Use the same mentality with your virtual or online workouts.
  1. Treat working out/exercise like the priority you want it to be – This means building your workout into your scheduling calendar just as you would a work meeting. Recognize that the workout takes both physical and mental energy so play with when works best for you! Cramming it in when there’s time or after work is setting yourself up for failure.
  1. Run for time not for distance – During times of low motivation we often want our run to be over before it even begins. We see it on the calendar, rush through it, are miserable the whole time and finish feeling defeated. Instead, switch it up and run for time. That 3 mile run now becomes 30 minutes and it doesn’t matter how far or fast you go. Removing the expectation and pressure provides an opportunity for a positive experience. Worst case is you get some time in on your legs and didn’t beat yourself up physically or mentally.
  1. Set an adventure or non-traditional fitness goal – Rather than try to drop “X” amount of weight this year, plan an adventure and work to be in shape for it! It could be as simple as a trip to go hiking or maybe run a local route you’ve always wanted to do. As you make progress towards your goal reward yourself with some new shoes or workout clothes. A little retail therapy can go a long way!
  1. Look at your fitness journey as a lifestyle change – Often when we set fitness goals our mentality becomes “Suffer until I reach my goal and if I don’t reach it, I’ve failed.” With thoughts like this you’re guaranteed to be miserable and that’s stressful! Instead, be flexible and change up your routine until you find what you like. If you’re not feeling a weightlifting workout, try a trail run or Zumba class! When you are doing what you like you are much more likely to stick with it long-term. There’s no reason this journey shouldn’t be fun!
  1. Something less is better than too much – For those days you’re really not feeling it, don’t force your workouts and risk burnout. Instead stretch, foam roll or go for a walk. We all need to take rest, to keep the momentum going do something low-key as active recovery.

And lastly…

  1. Journal your progress – Having a written record of the work you put in will keep you motivated to add to it! Not only will it be rewarding to reflect on your training it can be a great place to put goals. Take some time to write down what you want to accomplish. Remembering how you felt in those times when you are really motivated can be great when you need a little boost!